Download the Aliens: Killing Floor mod from our mirror and put some xenomorphs into your game

Aliens: Killing Floor

By on February 7, 2013 at 3:08 pm

“When Braindead and Hemi created the M41A Pulse Rifle for killing floor, there was only 1 logical next step,” reads the description for the Aliens: Killing Floor mod. “Let’s make everything Aliens!” And so it is that Aliens: Killing Floor is finally released, a mod that reskins Killing Floor in its entirety to add facehuggers, alien warriors, queens, marines and everything in between.

The 240MB mod can be downloaded right now from our file library, and includes new enemies, new game types, new weapons, new player skins, new HUD, new loading screens, new maps, and a whole new KFEditor.

The dev team are hoping to add more content in the future, so keep an eye on the official ModDB page and let us know if we need to update our version on the file mirror. Enjoy!

Source: ModDB

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Oooo… might have to crank out Killing Floor again :)


This looks like it could be all kinds of awesome!


Umm HELLO! That looks awesome :D


Do we need to find a server with the mod running? Or can we just join anything?


who needs alien colonial marines now LOL jks great mod, might play this and aliens


Wonder why this wasn’t done earlier.

Thermal Ions

@PieMahn Yes, you need to either find a server running the mod or you could try and install it on your client and run it solo or as a listen server (I’ve not tested the later however).

Note that there’s also a HotFix that has been released on the mods official site ( that is likely not in the file hosted here and isn’t part of the Steam Workshop yet either.

For those wanting to run it on a dedicated server, make sure that you have the TexturesKF_DLC.utx file installed on your server (you may have to copy it from your KF client) – else you’ll get the AKF aliens but not the AKF perks.

For extra challenge, edit the AliensKFServerPerks.ini file and reduce the MinPerksLevel to lower your starting level.

Thermal Ions

I’ve temporarily opened my server up for you guys to use if you would like to try out the mod. Once in-game force a map vote (*) or die and chose an Aliens option from the Gametype list and select your map of choice.

A few notes however:
– Please install the mod on your client first (including the hotfix mentioned in my above post) otherwise my download server will eventually run out of it’s monthly allowance.
– The server may be restarted and passworded without warning if my group wishes to have a private game.
– I recommend beginner difficulty on your first attempt – Aliens:KF is hard. No re-usable personalised med syringe, no indication where the trader will spawn, no knife for extra fast run speed.

IP:Port –

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