Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall would like your short story submissions to fill his world with books


By on February 7, 2013 at 9:41 pm

Ever wanted to try your hand at a bit of writing? Or maybe you’ve already tried your hand at writing and found that you enjoyed it. Well, how would you like to see your own writing on the small screen?

Dean “Rocket” Hall announced today via Twitter that he’d like to have Skyrim-style books scattered about the environment in the standalone Day Z.

The requirements are fairly open at the moment. He doesn’t even necessarily want you to write in English, if you’d prefer not to. What he does want though, is lots of pre-war, pre-zombie stuff. While there are bound to be plenty of, “I can hear the drums in the deep, they [zombies, in this case] are coming…” stories, Hall would like to see some stuff left over from when the world was a kinder place. “Normal short stories, any genre” he said.

Having said that, there were then tens of millions of tweets directed at Mr Rocket looking for clarification, so he has said that he will put down some formal guidelines for your submissions in the very near future. Until then, get your writing pants on!

Source: PCGamesN

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That is actually a really cool idea!

Toby McCasker



Im keen to have a stab at this.


*Cracks knuckles*
*Cracks neck*

I. Am. All. Over. This. Shit.


Yeah because Elder Scrolls invented this… *rolls eyes*


oh that would be cool. i might submit short stories i’ve already written.



No, but Skyrim is of the more recent, more prominent examples of this.

Sounds kind of fun. It’s one of those challenges that might be fun to jump in and try. Not really that interested in DayZ but it could be fun to try writing something for it.

Toby McCasker

I’ve got some Mass Effect slash fic here where FemShep and Garrus talk at length about the difficulties inherent in their two species joining bodies. See you guys from the top


Good idea however I’m not expecting to sneak into a village filled with zombies just to go read a book.


mmm, If i am going to pick up books in a game world and read them, they had better not be just random short stories that have nothing to do with the games setting.

Cause if they are , i can see myself picking 2 or 3 up and then not bothering again since they are completely pointless.

Although it would be fun to drop a dozen books on a table and wait in a nice sniper position for people to pick them up and open them to read……BOOM! HEADSHOT!



Of course you would! I can just see it now..

“excuse me Mr zombie, please stop gnawing my arm and go away, this one’s a real page-turner!”


vcatkiller: thepharoah, Of course you would! I can just see it now..“excuse me Mr zombie, please stop gnawing my arm and go away, this one’s a real page-turner!”

lol yeah…can you imagine…you sneak into a village to try and find a weapon…chance upon a room only to see me there, relaxing on a chair (feet up) flipping through pages. sooooo gonna happen. I love the idea but I’d rather devote their limited development resources to something more important in the game….LIKE MAKING IT CHEAT PROOF!


Well, I’m going to submit Gerry Harvey’s, alleged, Leisure Computing manifesto.

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