Crysis 3 looks better than next-generation console games, says Crytek CEO


By on February 10, 2013 at 3:20 pm

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has said that a new console cycle won’t help the competition keep up with his team’s graphical prowess.

“I don’t think Crytek can do more on current generation consoles than Crysis 3. I actually think people will be astonished that next gen launch titles from other companies might not be much different from Crysis 3,” Yerli told CVG.

If more than an idle boast, Yerli’s comment is a little disheartening; the best thing about new consoles is the way it inspires developers to push the graphic envelope a bit further, something our late-cycle gaming PCs can usually handle with ease. But the not-so-modest executive apparently has us covered, noting that Crytek’s own efforts in that area won’t disappoint.

“Crytek’s projects generally will be way above what we’ve achieved on the existing consoles,” he said.

Although Crysis 2 wasn’t the graphical powerhouse we’d hoped for, the original Crysis inspired a wave of hardware upgrades with its astoundingly demanding requirements and set a benchmark for visuals. Crysis 3 is supposed to be a return to form.

Source: CVG

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lol jeez, settle down there buddy. Next gen will definatly be able to do more graphically than what we’ll see with crysis 3 on a current console. (unless play it on a pc ofcourse :P)



I suspect he is referring to launch titles on the next consoles, due to the fact that launch titles generally don’t show off the full prowess of the hardware available.


What’s that whistling sound I hear?

Oh it’s the sound of Cevat Yerli’s credibility falling.


Crysis 3 isn’t all the pretty tbh


Heh, fan-bois assemble.

Here’s the math.

Crysis 3 pushes current *PC* specifications.

Next-gen consoles are, at current reporting of hardware, a lesser of current PC specifications.

Any questions?


I’ll believe Crysis 3 will “push the graphic envelope” when I try and run it myself.


Heh, fan-bois assemble.

Here’s the math.

Crysis 3 pushes current *PC* specifications.

Next-gen consoles are, at current reporting of hardware, a lesser of current PC specifications.

Any questions?

When you think about it though, the current gen consoles are like 6 years old and its hard to come across titles that look better than say Uncharted 3. Even with hardware that would be equivalent to a top of the line PC from 2 years ago, developers would have a nicely raised technical roof to hit.


Kinda true Gas_Snake101, though lets be honest here, when a console is rated at 1.6Ghz on the CPU when PC’s are pushing 4.5Ghz, then something is seriously wrong with the format. The first company to bring a truly next gen console to the table (think 3-4Ghz CPU, Radeon 89xx/Nvidia 7xx gfx with a min of 8GB to even 16GB) will do a Sony Playstation One on the competition again ;)

At the end of the day, consoles are for casuals. Anyone who knows what they are doing get a PC.


Title from CVG article explains it better: “Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli doesn’t expect there to be much disparity between Crysis 3 and the first wave of games for the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles.”

What he’s saying is that he thinks Crysis 3 on 360/PS3 will look about the same as the *first wave* of next-gen console games. i.e; don’t expect the first games on the 8th-gen consoles to look tonnes better.

Which is a fair point: compare launch 360/PS3 titles with current 360/PS3 titles and you’ll see the leaps and bounds of improvement over the years as devs get more comfortable with the gear. Forza series is a great example of this.

It’s not being disheartening, it’s being realistic but it also gives something to look forward to because if they can pull the likes of current games out of that stupidly old hardware – just wait and see what they can do in a few years time with this new hardware.


I giggled.


If the gameplay falls flat, who cares about the eye candy?


If the gameplay falls flat, who cares about the eye candy?

Seems people just want a new interactive benchmark.

I only liked the Crysis missions before Aliens showed up, the multiplayer was also pretty average.



Yeah that would be fantastic if you brought something like that to the table, then it would sell like shit because very few average consumers would spend $1400 on a console just to make a couple of AAA titles look better. Anyone who wants that would have built themselves a HTPC.

In addition power consumption, heat dissipation and size are important factors when considering console development.



He is clearly refers to “current generation consoles” to the next generation consoles he has not even mention PCs into it. There is no use comparing to something that is created totally customizable and has not standard config. Its totally stupid. Well If that being said if you say hardware upgrades make a big difference is obviously the next consoles will be a large step up in performance stability and this man from crytek is wrong.


“I actually think people will be astonished that next gen LAUNCH TITLES from other companies might not be much different from Crysis 3″

Launch Titles! Nice work on sensationalising headlines.

The rest of you, read the article, or at least the quote.



Two problems here.

1. The PS2 and PS3 both originally retailed for $1000 here, not far from the $1400 you stated.

2. Both the X360 and PS3 were comparable to top of the range PC hardware on their release so there’s no reason why why this next generation of consoles are several steps behind what the latest hardware on PC is.


Presumably early next gen titles will run at 1080p and with much higher res textures, so right from the get go they should look better than anything on current consoles.

However, the specs released so far strongly suggest that they won’t look better than current PC games.

One good thing about new consoles – they both allegedly have 8 gigs of RAM. Current PC games tend to use only 2-3 gigs max. It will be nice if the baseline RAM load for a game moves up to 4-6 gigs – hopefully that translates into much bigger levels/better textures.


However, the specs released so far strongly suggest that they won’t look better than current PC games.

People keep misunderstanding this relation between PC hardware and console hardware.

On PC hardware, you don’t get anywhere near the same efficiency as you do on console hardware, however, this efficiency is not fully realised until later in the console cycle – this is what developers mean when they say “squeezing more juice out of XYZ console”.

PC hardware/software has tonnes of overheads, DirectX being a main factor, which leads to lesser performance than what the hardware is capable of producing in raw numbers. These overheads are much smaller on console and is sometimes referred to as “programming on the bare metal”, meaning you don’t have layers and layers of software between your code and the hardware executing it.

To put it more simply, grab a PC with 512MB of RAM, an ATi X1900 or NVIDIA 7800, a quad core CPU and then run the likes of Gran Turismo 5, Metal Gear Solid, Crysis 3, Gears Of War 3 or any other late-gen decent looking title, and the console version will tear the PC version to shreds.

Yes, the new consoles aren’t as powerful as high-end current PC’s, but with the above in mind and the massive hardware improvements over 7th gen, what you’re seeing on PC today will eventually be laughed at by 8th gen.

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