Crysis 3 continues marketing blitz with new ‘The Hunt is On’ trailer

Crysis 3

By on February 8, 2013 at 7:04 pm

If you weren’t already aware for some reason that Crysis 3 releases on the 19th of this month, then, well… there’s probably no hope for you. I’m sorry. But for the rest of you, Crytek’s latest rig-melting outing is set to launch in a mere 11 days, and EA are releasing trailer after trailer to remind you of the fact. This latest one is set to the tunes of Muse’s “Liquid State” from their new album, too — so if you like both those things, then this is the trailer for you.

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Dear Crytek and EA,

Please spend less on marketing and more on story writers.

I’d much rather be fighting North Koreans than Aliens.

- J-Me.


It looks sweeeet.


Dear Crytek and EA,

Please spend less on marketing and more on story writers.

I’d much rather be fighting North Koreans than Aliens.

Then you’re playing the wrong game, as Crysis is sci-fi game about an alien invasion. If you wanna shoot humans, pick up any old generic shooter instead :)



If you look at what made the Crysis “series” a success, it was the first game. If you look at what made the first game a success it was excellent photorealistic graphics and an open-world destructible island paradise with a quasi-sandbox mission structure. But the second factor got thrown out the window after the main encounter with aliens.

After Crysis and Crysis Wars, I was ready to buy the whole series. But after Crysis 2, it just feels like any other scripted corridor shooter except with a lackluster IP.

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