Commander Keen creator launches Kickstarter to create set of platforming game creation tools

Worlds of Wander

By on February 5, 2013 at 12:56 pm

The creator of the iconic Commander Keen and co-founder of id Software, Tom Hall, has launched a new Kickstarter designed to bring about the creation of more Commander Keen-esque platformers.

Hall’s Kickstarter, called Worlds of Wander, is a platform game creation tool primarily designed to give users real-time editing and control over levels and data, and designed to work across iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu Linux. Hall is asking for $400,000, and to date has received $16,403 in donations with 24 days to go.

Backers will receive a game created by Hall in the engine, called Secret Spaceship Club — where secret agents with spaceships in disguise have to help a race of bumbling robots avert universal destruction. But that’s Tom’s game! You should make your own.

“Everyone should be able to make a little game they can call their own and share with friends,” reads the Kickstarter. “You shouldn’t have to worry about all the drudgery. It should be as simple as possible!”

Source: Kickstarter via VG247

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interesting so see how this goes, as its a kickstarter where backers don’t instantly benefit as much as other projects.


There’s already a number of these types of programs floating about.


And here’s a list:

Game Maker
Multimedia Fusion
Torque 2D
Unity 3d (see sonic fan remix, there’s a few platforming kits for the engine around).

I think he’s entering a pretty crowded market as is.



Also… do we really need to make it easier for people to make endless clones of the same games? It’s bad enough as it is.


Because that is just what today’s gaming industry needs, more indie platformers.


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