Buy BioShock Infinite, get free games: Green Man Gaming offers new bundle

BioShock Infinite

By on February 23, 2013 at 10:42 am

Excellent news this morning from our friends at Green Man Gaming: pre-purchase BioShock Infinite from their store, and not only will you get the game itself but you’ll also get the original BioShock and another free game of your choice from 2K’s catalogue.

Free games on offer include The Darkness II, Mafia II, Spec Ops: The Line, BioShock 2 and Civilization V. Click here to check out all the available bundles — you could end up saving yourself a whole bunch of money. Personally, getting all the BioShock games in one click seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.

If you’ve already purchased BioShock Infinite from GMG, don’t worry! They’re backdating this offer so you don’t miss out. Look out for an email from them shortly with the details of how to claim your free games.

Finally in sadder news, 2K have noticed that Green Man weren’t price-gouging us on the BioShock Infinite DLC Season Pass and asked them to up the price for Australians — but don’t worry, as the ANZ discount voucher now works on it. Drop GMGAU-3J9MF-MUINW on that sucker and knock 30% off the price.

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We get a better deal at Gamersgate UK:

-After conversions that works out to $45~AUD to GmG’s $52
-The exact same selection of free games are there.
-The ~$14-$15 store credit (in this case Blue coins) are available to us – Something that is apparently granted to Everyone else in the world who purchases this pack from GmG – just not us.


The Bioshock Infinite DLC season pass is cheaper at gamersgate even after the 30% discount at GMG


Well that worked out very nice then. Got this when it was $45 before the price got jacked up. So 2 free games and BioShock Infinite for $45 not bad.

Damn shame that I have all of the games on offer tho.

Couldn’t be bothered about the season pass at this time. Will just wait for it to drop in price.


i bought infinite on GMG before i knew of this deal on GON, and before previous comments gamersgate… is GG a cdkey store, or do u get the physical copy? cause i have no need for a physical copy, only want the cd key.

and secondly, neither of my GMG supplied keys work :/ very annoying.


Gamersgate is just like GreenMan, Amazon digital, GetGamesGo etc. in that they give you a digital Key.



The game is not out yet, the CD key that they give you for Bioshock Infinite is for a web based game over here called – BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution.

I have also had no issues redeeming the keys that they provided. All seems to work well.


Got the season pass before it got price jacked. Hope GMG don’t ask for more money.

Bane Williams

Gamersgate aren’t bad, and I’ve certainly shopped there before, but I like to support GMG if I can, because they are making a public deal about the ANZ price gouge. If I have to pay a tad more, but it helps them out, this makes me happy.


Gamers Gate are fully legit, they were created by Paradox Interactive (the guys that make such games as Hearts of Iron, Europe Universalis, Crusader Kings 2 ect.) so its a safe and awesome place to buy from. I’ve shopped there many times, they also have a rewards program that gives you dollars back from each purchase (unfortunately the points expire if you don’t use em).


I think I’ll just wait a few months for a Steam Sale or something and pick it up then. I am kinda over supporting pre-orders, especially with this “DLC session pass” BS adding another $30-$40 on to the price if I want the full game.


Saw the season pass on GMG today and was wondering just how much we were price-gauged. So a 50% mark-up on account of being Australian? This industry really disappoints me; it’s hard to build up the desire to buy things before they go into the bargain bin with the knowledge that I have to shell out more based on where I live.

I guess enough Aussies are suckers that they can keep getting away with it…


Bane Williams: I like to support GMG if I can, because they are making a public deal about the ANZ price gouge

“Waaaaaaa, not our fault, please still buy pricejacked stuff from us” Is hardly an attitude that deserves support.

Pricejacking won’t stop until everyone votes with their wallet, so go with the lowest price ffs


Bane Williams:
Gamersgate aren’t bad, and I’ve certainly shopped there before, but I like to support GMG if I can, because they are making a public deal about the ANZ price gouge. If I have to pay a tad more, but it helps them out, this makes me happy.

They’re making a ‘public’ deal about the gouge because it gives them great positive publicity. Don’t kid yourself into thinking this 30% anz coupon ‘makes up’ for the price jacking. Do some sums with our certain $70-80 priced games @ 30% off, compared to US/EU’s $50-60 standard priced titles at the general 20-25% off vouchers that are usually running.

Still getting the short end of the stick simply because we have the ‘audacity’ to live in Australia, regardless of who’s fault it is. (GmG is willingly choosing not to give us the store credit/cashback option on this package..)

coatsy22 pretty much nailed it, I have no loyalties anywhere but my wallet. Buy where it’s cheapest which at the moment seems to be either Ozgameshop’s digital store/GameLane, or Gamersgate’s UK store (no BS GEO IP locking if you manually navigate there with if you want the free game deal + store credit.


Cheers for the heads up on Gamersgate, bought it last night, much better deal. I didn’t own Mafia 2 plus the $10 credit in coins is nice, might grab Sniper Elite Zombies.

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