Blizzard announces patch 2.0.4 for Wings of Liberty, clan support arrives

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

By on February 18, 2013 at 3:33 pm

It’s time to get the clan back together – patch 2.0.4 for Heart of the Swarm is coming, and Blizzard are updating Wings of Liberty to include the clan support detailed last year.

Also included in the upcoming patch are new replay features, the new UI changes, improvements to the Editor, and the new matchmaking options such as unranked play and AI vs. mode.

“The background download for Wings of Liberty patch 2.0.4 was activated on February 9,” read’s Blizzard’s post. “We strongly encourage all players to leave the launcher running for an extended period of time at some point over the next few days to ensure that you’re ready to play when the patch goes live.”


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Bugalugs McScruffin

Tim, it’s patch 2.0.4 for Wings of Liberty. It will bring all of the UI and community features from Heart of the Swarm and apply them to Wings of Liberty.

Wings of Liberty 2.0.4 includes:

- An all-new user interface with new menu screens.
- The launch of in-game Clans and Groups.
- New Replay features, such as Watch with Others and Take Command.
- A multitude of Editor improvements.
- New matchmaking options: Training Mode, Vs. AI Mode, and Unranked Play.
- Players Near You, so you can find other StarCraft II players on your local network.
- New customizable Observer UI.

Looking forward to this, and Heart of the Swarm. :D


Haha, yes. You are right. I’ll change that immediately!


i just want better UMS support….i hated the custom map support for SC2

warcraft 3 was messy and not organised but had so many people playing and making them

I spend most of my time playing custom maps then the actual vanilla game


Yeah starcraft 2 custom maps are a joke. Pretty funny considering how much they hyped it up pre release with the ghost map.


Problem is they provided so many new things you can change in the editor that it made it more complicated in the process, most importantly to find the section where you can change what you want to change.

They could very easily do with a simple and advanced version of the editor, as just the basic custom maps take a lot more time to design with all the extra stuff filling out the options. For example a single copy paste for a custom character in SC1 now requires you to copy and/or link a bunch of stuff for models, sounds, weapons, abilities and animations. Where old SC1 was as simple as copy the character you want to customise and then select what abilities you want them to have from a preset list that allowed very little customisation.

I’m very happy with it though and all the new features it provides. But if they want them to be as easy and popular to design they really need to simplify it for other people.

I’m hoping this patch also addresses the issue a lot of aussies are getting where they can’t log in or see games on the US server. Custom maps are scarce enough without being limited to playing on the asian server.

Bugalugs McScruffin


I’m hoping this patch also addresses the issue a lot of aussies are getting where they can’t log in or see games on the US server. Custom maps are scarce enough without being limited to playing on the asian server.

It will be interesting to see if they enable global play on Wings of Liberty after all this time. That would be fantastic, and it would allow map makers to publish maps on every server instead of just their own home server. I know this will be the case in Heart of the Swarm, but fingers crossed it makes the jump backward as well.



I’m pretty sure they have/will do that because during all the US server connection problems I’d stumbled across a change they done to my account. It used to have an Asia and US license tied to my account, but recently when I looked they were replaced with a ‘global access’ license.

I have a good feeling this is actually half the issue for why my friends and I can’t access the US servers properly at this point in time.

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