Battlefield video reveals ‘End Game’ will feature 12-a-side Air Superiority mode

Battlefield 3

By on February 19, 2013 at 9:59 am

In the video below — which switches to English around the 1:18 mark for those of you who, like me, don’t speak French — DICE discuss what’s coming up in the forthcoming ‘End Game’ DLC for Battlefield 3. While we already know about CTF mode and dirtbikes, producer Craig McLeod also discusses Air Superiority mode, which returns to Battlefield in this DLC and delivers 12-a-side dogfights where everyone in the game can jump in a jet and try to shoot each other down. Take a look.

Source: Via PCGamesN

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Sweet vid :S


Air superiority….i’m back.


Holy crap, I never played Air Superiority in any previous Battlefield games, but I absolutely cannot wait for this pack, it looks amazing…


x66weed666x: Air superiority….i’m back.

lol +1 for me. I was just bagging EA about the ‘tank superiority’ (3 vs 3) and applying to air superiority…but 12 vs 12…mmmm…..


The guy at 2 minutes speaking English is Aussie isnt he?? It’s hurting my brain. Aussie who has developed a accent..


Air Superioty was in BF 1943 as well and it was frackin’ brilliant! Pity I don’t enjoy jets in BF3, but glad to see its inclusion here!


Battlefield 1942 basically had Air Superiority mode in the form of Flyboys maps, Coral Sea and Battle of Britain.

Desert Combat had one called “No Fly Zone” too with heaps of jets.



Such good times. The aircraft in BF1942 almost made sense too, in an arcadey sort of way. They were realistic enough to be believable but not to the point where you had to go and manually spin the rotor before takeoff. A perfect trade off between realism and fun. There was limited (albeit a huge amount and easily replenished) ammo. A seemingly higher ceiling that stopped AA from targeting you (you couldn’t see planes at the maximum height and they couldn’t see the ground) and didn’t just stop you in mid-air. Stalling was actually a thing, you couldn’t just point the nose straight up on takeoff, except in the Yak9 that thing was bananas and even then you still had to be careful not to fall out of the sky. Bombing tanks was an art, hitting a moving Sherman dead on with a dumb bomb from a fighter was extremely difficult but very rewarding. They even had multiple types of aircraft from single seater figures and two seated bombers all the way up to heavy bombers like the JU88A and the B17 with many seats.

BF3 jets however, make absolutely no sense. They went for pure arcade style much to their detriment. Even the modded DC jets from 1942 were more realistic. I don’t think any modern jet has shot down another modern jet with guns. Ever. Disregarding they only have enough ammo for a few seconds of fire. Most air to air combat is done well and truly beyond visual range. Sure that isn’t as exciting as chasing down the opponent with guns, but they could have at least made heat seekers viable and upped the ceiling by at least double along with the missile lock range. No guided missiles, no lock on ground targets. Stupidly low ceiling that just stops you in mid air and forces you below 1000ft. No concept of stalling, you could just got up forever if there wasn’t an invisible roof made of glue. Absolutely no understanding of defensive countermeasures. ECM doesn’t stop heatseekers, it interrupts the radar signal between the missile/aircraft that fired and the target. Flares likewise do not work on radar guides missiles or break lock from radars (e.g the mobile AA). Not to mention the flight model is godawful. Why do aircraft moving faster turn at a greater angle than a slower jet? Absolutely illogical. This is not how thrust from a jet engine works. I could go on too and I don’t even play flight sims any more. I don’t want a super realistic jet in battlefield because it wouldn’t fit. That’s what sims are for. But really? Guns are the best way to shoot down other jets moving at supersonic speeds? That’s the best you could do EA?

They had absolutely no idea how modern aircraft actually do combat or decided to completely ignore it and still thought it’d be cool the just throw them in there with no research on realism whatsoever. I thought BC2 did a far better job and was considerably more enjoyable without the painful implementation of jet aircraft. Their choppers were well designed to be difficult for an individual footslogger to deal with but not impossible with some gear whilst still being able to deal large amounts of damage if left unchecked. Jets in BF3 tend to just chase each other in circles and occasionally shoot down choppers/fly into tall objects.

There are some exceptional pilots though that do deserve credit for persevering with the dreadful flight mechanics and utterly dominate the skies which almost always results in wins for their teams.


Looks great, can see the really good pilots just obliterating everyone and people rage quitting and this dying quickly and fuck those guys.


Nice one Wolfstar – agree with you 100%. I love flight sims but stay as far away from BF3 jets as possible. The fact that guys flying with keyboard commands own is a testament in itself to how EA wanted it to work. I fly with a joystick but I find it useless (almost broke the thing trying to turn, lol).

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