Anonymous developer claims Gearbox lied to SEGA about Aliens development

Aliens: Colonial Marines

By on February 20, 2013 at 3:13 pm

As the fallout from Aliens: Colonial Marines‘ poor critical reception continues, a developer has spoken to Destructoid anonymously to claim that Gearbox lied to publishers SEGA over the outsourcing of development to Timegate.

“Gearbox was taking people off the project to put them on Borderlands 1,” claims the former developer.

“This was before the big art style change happened on Borderlands. Our team was getting smaller by the month, making it very difficult to get the game made. Ironically several of the team members were ex-3D Realms people who were saying [paraphrasing] ‘Finally, we’re going to Gearbox to make Aliens, and we’re going to ship a f**king game!’ Hah.”

The developer also claims that Gearbox lied to both SEGA and 2K about the number of people working on Aliens and Borderlands, yet continued to collect money from SEGA as if the game’s development was going smoothly. SEGA caught wind of what was going on and allegedly temporarily cancelled the project. This is apparently what led to Gearbox issuing a round of layoffs in 2008.

We called Aliens: Colonial Marinesan embarrassment that should never have been released“, which isn’t a nice thing to say, but… well, there you have it, really.

Source: Destructoid

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Toby McCasker

This story just gets even dirtier. I KIND OF LOVE IT.


It reads as if Destructoid just copied and pasted the contents of a thread from an anonymous dev posted on Reddit a few days back & then Destructoid staff pretended that the anonymous developer was responding to questions or comments from them? WTF?


Have Gearbox made a statement yet?


Wow, looks like another case of a game’s development story turning out more interesting than the game itself. It’s like looking at a fatal car crash – it’s brutal, disgusting and cringeworthy, and you know you shouldn’t stare but it’s just damn too hard to pull your eyes away. It’s kind of a morbid fascination thing.


Is it wrong that I just wanted a good Aliens game?

Toby McCasker


This made no sense but was badass?


hey gearbox, you ever been mistaken for a game developer?


Why do you continue to place A:CM as “Game of the Month” anyway GON?


Glad to see more evidence proving that Sega aren’t to blame for the shit that’s been coming out of them lately. I’ve accused Creative Assembly of using the “Blame Sega Card” before despite it being their own stupidity.

Buying Relic might’ve been the smartest bloody move they ever made.. I may have to retract my hatred then.. I think so long as Sega helps Relic we’ll see some amazing stuff.

But yeah add this to Obsidian screwing them over as well with Alpha Protocol and you can clearly see its developers being the assholes here not the publisher.. its blatantly clear.

I’m actually really glad to be wrong about Sega. So hopefully it means Relic is in good hands.


Why do you continue to place A:CM as “Game of the Month” anyway GON?

The preview footage was so good and many people were looking forward to it. A part of the coverage is the fallout. I’m still interested in hearing more myself.


Why do you continue to place A:CM as “Game of the Month” anyway GON?

Please read here

Its not that it is meant as an endorsement of the game, but they see the confusion it creates and will be changing how it is done in future


gammad: But yeah add this to Obsidian screwing them over as well with Alpha Protocol and you can clearly see its developers being the assholes here not the publisher.. its blatantly clear.

Exactly what was so horrible about alpha protocol? Was there some sort of comparable drama? Because going in blind the game was fun, and I personally prefered it to Mass Effect.


The collector’s edition statue is pretty neat…


Well, if it’s true and able to be proved, incoming legal action from Sega against Gearbox I imagine.

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