We’ve got ten Collectors Editions of Aliens: Colonial Marines on PC to giveaway!

By on January 23, 2013 at 2:48 pm

Hey, you there! Do you like shooting aliens? In the bowels of spaceships and the dark corridors of abandoned buildings? Of course you do. What about also being those aliens in multiplayer and shredding the faces of your friends? You can do that also, in Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is heading our way on February 12. To celebrate, SEGA have given us 10 Collectors Editions of the game on PC to give away, and even thrown in a bunch of shirts for our lucky winners as well.

How do I enter?

Leave a comment describing in 150 words or less either:

a) A new type of weapon for the Colonial Marines to use against the xenomorphs, or
b) A new breed of xenomorph, bred specifically to defeat Colonial Marines

The five best entries from each category will win. Entries don’t have to be serious (although serious is fine!) so feel free to be funny, deadpan, sardonic, surreal or even absolutely insane. Please note that no images are allowed, however — just words.

So what’s in the Collectors Edition?

Check this:

  • High Quality Resin Powerloader Figurine (approx. 16.5 CM tall) in Limited Edition Xeno Hive Box
  • USCM Dossier
  • Exlusive in game content:

    • Four Playable Movie Characters
    • Additional Marines Character Customization Options
    • Ripley’s Flamethrower
    • Exclusive Multiplayer Weapons
    • Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers
    • Phase Plasma Rifle
    • Exclusive Game Level
    • USCM Academy Firing Range
  • Mission Brief
  • USS Sephora Schematic
  • Recruitment Card
  • LV-426 Recon Photo
  • USCM Iron-on Badges
  • USCM Graduation Certificate

Things to know

This competition is open until 11:59 PM ACDT (Adelaide time) on Wednesday 6 February 2013 and is open to Australian residents only.

It is governed by the Terms and Conditions listed on this page.

Good luck!

165 comments (Leave your own)

a xenomorph that shoots mustard from it’s eyes.


A concentrated alkali-thrower that’s been formulated to counter the aliens’ concentrated acid blood


Colonial Marines super weapon:

It’s a rather monolithic device, usually the size of most star ships, complete with it’s own propulsion and defense systems, hence capable of being un-manned and traveling to it’s destination.
Once activated it sends out a powerful energy wave that engulfs the surface of a planet, which then reduces all targeted matter within range down to it’s most basic molecular structure.

The effect on Xenomorphs is devastating, essentially turning them into acidic goo.
Unfortunately one of the draw backs of this technology is that it is incapable of penetrating a planetary crust or a thick metal hull which absorbs the energy wave. Hence, young strapping marines are still required to go in and clean out Xenomorphs in underground caverns or inside ships.


Kitten Cannon – shoot food at them and they wont be interested in eating marines :)

(New Weapon for Marines)


Xenamorph – is the alien formed when a facehugger infects Lucy Lawless. Distracts marines with various jiggly bits. Could also form into a Threenomorph, which looks exactly the same, except it’s a cylon.


Since Sigourney Weaver is the biggest threat to the Xenomorphs, I will Breed “The Keymaster,” just need to Facehugger Louis Tully while hes possessed by Vinz Clortho and bam she wont be able to resist the trap.


A semi-auto shotgun that fires shells which burn on contact with the body heat of Aliens. In the event of an emergency where an alien is too close, the marine can grab the barrel like a handle and extend two butterfly blades from the stock, capable of being used as a bayonet.

Best I got.


I Always wondered what would happen if an face hugger managed to grab a bird.. an Alien with wings dropping acid poop on everyone’s car’s haha.

or an elephant to make a xenomorph ultralisk hybrid Raynor’s worst nightmare.

And why havn’t the Wayland corp reverse engineered alien acid into a weapon or there exoskeleton into there body armor.

New V2 Rocket full of alien acid that disperses into the atmosphere to create… actual acid rain haha


The Weyland-Yutani Executive Executioner Android (WYEEA – pronounced WEEEEYEEEAAAAAAA).

Immediately terminating any Weyland-Yutani executive within 5km of an xenomorph nest has been shown to reduce the chance of xenomorphs being captured and then accidentally released in a failed bio weapons program by as much as 96%. This has been found to save more Colonial Marine casualties than any conceivable weapon directed at the xenomorphs themselves.


A requirement of the xenomorphs to attain large numbers, One queen gave birth to a new breed of spitting face huggers. This new breed of face hugger no longer needed to face hug in order to implant an egg (although the function is still available), instead it can spit a hard skinned egg through the skin into the body allowing for warrior gestation.

Mainly for use against soft targets (ie un-armoured people) it doesn’t preclude the chance of it working against a marine as not all of the marine is covered by armour.


My new weapon for Colonial Marines would be a teleportation gun. Except I wouldn’t use it in Colonial Marines. I’d use it in real life. To steal that Powerloader.


SPRaid ® Double Control Xenomorph Baits
SPRaid ® Double Control Xenomorph Baits contain Alkalieden, an ingredient that keeps killing xenomorphs nonstop. SPRaid ® Double Control Xenomorph Baits are so advanced, they kill xenomorphs where they breed, helping to rid your space-station/ship/colony of xenomorphs for up to three months. SPRaid ® Double Control Xenomorph Baits may be placed anywhere you’ve seen Xenomorphs, even in space. They’re guaranteed to work for even the most severe Xeno infestations.


A ventriloquist xeno that can quickly adapt to the acoustic environment of any space. it utilises its environment to reflect confusing or disorienting sounds. For example a marine might hear the sound of his friends beeping motion detector behind him when he is actually long deceased. or the scream of a xeno behind him at all times.


Designed to ‘flash freeze’ organic targets. Optimized, by the Colonial Marines, for use against the Xenomorph’s acid blood in close quarters. Risk of personal injury is decreased as well as structural damage.


The marines need a high powered slug that when fired into the xenomorphs releases an electrical current similar to a tazer that can disrupt the xenomorphs natural systems and render it paralyzed so it can be finished off quickly and efficiently.


Trained Xenomorphs with a micro-chip implanted by the Weylan Yutani Corporation. You can outfit the Xenos with pulse rifles attached. If you buy the game on Xbox, you can even use Kinect to send orders to the trained Xenos.

Earn points online to customise Xenos with different skins and battering helmets.


Sheet metal

Biggest killer of marines in any Alien/AvP medium: Vent grabs.

“They’re coming outta the walls”. No they’re not, there’s sheet metal there.

“…but stay frosty, and alert. We can’t afford to let one of those bastards in here.” They won’t get in here with sheet metal.

“They cut the power”
“What do you mean, They cut the power? How could they cut the power, man?”
You didn’t have sheet metal over it.

“Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?”
“No. Have you?”
Yes because he wasn’t wearing his sheet metal at the time.

If only Weyland-Yutani had the genius of a simple piece of sheet metal welded over their grates/workers/walls, and then suddenly workplace related deaths at their super secret testing facilities which, mind you, have a habit of being overrun by said aliens in all mediums, would drop 90%.

Game over man, game over.


USCM Weapons (experimental) Division introduces the M42A3 “Sharp Stick” Xenomorph Protection Device. Made from hardened Nano SteelTM (Weylan Yutani Bio Weapons Div.) is effectively a biomolecular acid proof bayonet, suitable for mounting upon M41A1 Pulse Rifles and other USCM rifles. No longer are Marines forced to expend ammo in an “eat this!” scenario. Simply place the muzzle of your weapon into any Xenomorph orrifice and release the trigger mechanism flinging 2 feet of “Sharp Stick” into the target. The 700 fpm extension speed will crush and pulverise any Xeno armour with ease and the retraction cleaning mechanism also keeps that pesky acid away from your face. Available now! Purchase today and keep it handy for close encounters!


An inbredomorph

An alien queen lays an egg which hatches a facehugger which then impregnates her, with the resultant chestburster being an inbred redneck hick of an alien.

The marines will be so confused trying to figure out if the alien is its own parent/sibling/cousin/uncle they will be ripe for the picking


Aliens adapt and evolve, creating a stronger, faster and nearly undetectable face hugger that can hide and hibernate until it finds the “right” target. Rather than blindly grabbing the first thing with a heart beat. This xenomorph creates a wormy with better stealth and gives off a warding pheremone to prevent detection. Is invisible to radar via a new sonar ability to stay under the radar so to speak. The wormy turns into a smarter xeno-type, that has more stealth abilities and less offensive skills. Its purpose is to scout and destroy anything with an electrical output, like an engine or similar.

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