War of the Roses rebalanced in new patch, Gallowglass Mercenary Pack added

Gallowglass Mercenaries

By on January 24, 2013 at 7:22 pm

Paradox have released a big ol’ patch for War of the Roses, bringing with it a slew of balance changes and the Gallowglass Mercenary Pack. “Covered in mail and ready to cut down Englishmen for cold hard coin, the Scottish Gallowglass mercenaries brought brute force and fighting spirit to the battlefields like none could,” announce Paradox with some glee.

The free update contains Gallowglass Mail Armour, a new Gallowglass Mail Helmet, and three new Gallowglass weapons: Long Axe, Halflang Sword, and Battle Axe.

The patch also contains a complete revamp of the way Armour works in game, as well as an improved overall movement speed, changes to Perks and to the way the chat system works.

Check out the full patch notes below:

*Armour has been revamped
*Armour reduces incoming damage by…
*Cloth removes 10% damage
*Leather removes 20% damage
*Mail removes 30% damage
*Plate removes 60% damage
*Damage needs to end up over 15 to pass through and is then modified by hit zones
*Hit zone damage has been modified

*Absorbed hits no longer interrupt actions

*Weapons have had damage changes across the board and in general work as follows
*Maces pass through Armour but deal less damage overall
*Axes have the highest damage with lower speed
*Thrust damage has been reduced to compensate for Armour penetration
*Knocked down players can now be killed without executions. They have 300 hp.

–Parry Changes–
*To remove network related issues there’s now a slight delay before parrying activates
*Daggers can no longer Parry incoming attacks
*Shaft hits can now be parried

*Overall movement speed has been raised slightly
*Double Time comes into effect sooner and reaches max speed quicker

*Thick Skinned perk now has slightly reduced absorption bonus
*Armour training reduces encumbrance by 25%, up from 20%
*Hardened reduces revive time by 25%, down from 80%

–Chat rework–
*Scrollable with mouse wheel
*Fixed blur
*Own name highlighted

*Unmodified revive time is now 6 seconds for both reviver and revivee.
*Removed “invisible” collision on bear helmet

–Known issues–
*In some resolutions names in chat look a bit weird.
*Weapons may break too often

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game still has potential but they really need to improve the game modes for more interesting play.

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