The Elder Scrolls Online taking beta sign-ups: convince yourself to apply with this hot new trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online

By on January 23, 2013 at 1:32 am

Interested in helping Bethesda out with The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, as of right now beta sign-ups are now available for their upcoming MMO — head over to the official website for all the details of how to sign up.

To celebrate, they’ve released this rather snazzy and impressively long trailer — take a look below for five minutes of CG goodness (or download it from our file mirror in HD). Is it as impressive as the Heart of the Swarm opening movie? It’s a very close call.

We don’t know much about TESO yet, but we do know some interesting facts, including its dedication to an almost-single-server philosophy using what they’re calling ‘Megaservers’. One of the cool things about this technology is that players will be able to select what sort of play styles they’re interested in (PVP, PVE, raids etc) and what age groups they want to play with, and the architecture will seamlessly sort you into zone instances with people matching your requirements, but never require you to switch servers to find your friends. It’s not really the same as a proper single-server, but it’s a very interesting approach nonetheless.

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I think the HOTS trailer was better, though I thought this was pretty well put together :D

I’ve registered for my chance to beta test, could be pretty cool to be involved in the development cycle for this, assuming the beta is a real beta, and not a “we’ll invite you 2 weeks before launch when nothing can change anyway” beta.


man, that was certainly an impressive trailer. nice to see theyve got the intro down pat, and no gameplay #cynicism

i really hope it lives up to the awesomeness of that trailer



It never will. It is that multiply by how many slight variations because of the thousands of people that are playing.

That is just the nature of the beast…


I’m more interested to know how a US ‘megaserver’ reflex based action game is even going to be playable for Australians. If the combat uses the usual attack, strong attack, block (rock, paper, scissors) style we will have a pretty big delay from our reactions.


Well this is a nice surprise for me. I was thinking about elder scrolls mmo. I hope I get selected as it would be nice to see how the latency is.


One of the reasons I respected and loved SWTOR was because of the fact that they actually gave a damn about the rest of world in regards to servers.

Ah well, the promise of choosing which age group I want to play with sounds VERY intriguing, sick of all these 12 year old’s running around in most MMOS and might actually get some semblance of mature grouping.


^I’d love to think the age group thing can work, but can you imagine most 12 year olds choosing to play with other 12 year olds? I can’t. Anyway…we’ll see, it will probably be better than the default setting, and the idea of a mega-server has always been my preference. They just need to make a decent game now..


Sigh… Impressive trailer but I’d rather watch a full length movie of that quality. I’m always saddened by epic trailers such as this as there is no chance that the player will be able to do a fifth of what the characters pulled off in the ‘movie’.


And applied!


Awesome trailer but I always hate these kinds of trailers for MMOs, the gameplay is never ever like the stuff you see in awesome things such as this haha.


I think the HOTS trailer was better, though I thought this was pretty well put together :D

I thought the opposite heart made me “meh” this made me laugh at moments and think “damn that human rogue has mad athletics skills”.

I don’t think elder scrolls online will be a good game but I’m 99% sure i’ll buy it anyways.


lol what’s with the stand off at the end



Common enemy /= “Let’s be friends?”

Their breaking the trope of just about every action movie!


This weirded me out a bit, I signed up sometime in the last 2 days after just randomly thinking “i wonder if that has signups yet” at 3am, immediately after i start seeing advertisments and articles everywhere.

I must have signed up coincidentally RIGHT after they opened it or something haha.

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