SW:TOR’s State of the Game discusses same-sex romances, PVP and endgame changes

Star Wars: The Old Republic

By on January 4, 2013 at 3:18 pm

BioWare’s Jeff Hickman has used the recent Star Wars: The Old Republic State of the Game Address to discuss some issues important to the community, including end-game content, PVP, and of course the long-awaited same-sex romance options.

“We’ve got new Operations, new Flashpoints, new difficulty modes, new PvP areas, and of course, the entire Digital Expansion: Rise of the Hutt Cartel (which is targeted at our high level players),” says Hickman. “Overall, we’re aiming to introduce a more diverse array of activities – more stuff to do with your Companion, more challenges to tackle with groups, and more reasons for guilds to recruit.”

On the subject of PVP, Hickman explains that open-world PVP has not been forgotten, but has proven more complex than they anticipated. “We will be experimenting with a different approach to Open World PvP, something that encourages organic PvP in contested areas in a new and interesting way, but do not look for massive new Open World PvP this year (outside of what I mentioned above). It is still on our design wall, but is taking a back seat to other forms of PvP.”

Finally, same-sex romances will be making their first appearance in the upcoming 1.7 patch, as Hickman apologises for the delay. “Unfortunately, this will take a lot more work than we realized at the time and it (like some other pieces of content we talked about earlier in the year) has been delayed as we focused on the changes required to take the game Free-to-Play. As we have said in the past, allowing same gender romance is something we are very supportive of.”

“I want to reveal today that we are adding SGR with some NPCs on Makeb and do intend on pursuing more SGR options in the future. More details to come!”

Source: SW:TOR Blog

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Awesome, hopefully this will bring back some of the old players. It’s such a shame the MMO has lost a lot of it’s player base…


Haven’t read the article yet but:

take THAT, homophobes.


Sorry but I believe you’ve made a mistake here. Same-sex romances aren’t coming in Update 1.7, I believe Jeff Hickman is referring to the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion pack releasing in a few months. SGRAs will initially appear on Makeb, the planet releasing in the expansion.

Also, just gotta say – great game, highly underrated.


You mean I’ll eventually indeed be able to romance Mako instead of that pretty boy Mandalorian?! :D

I thought their ignorant excuse to this way back when was “The concept of homosexuality doesn’t exist within the Star wars Universe!!!111one” which I always found pretty ridiculous to be honest, guess they “changed their mind” or something.


Ah, I think you’re right thoroughmas, I’ll change that. Thanks!


tried to go back to ToR, not enough players on master dar’nala for it to be worth the effort so I have again given up on this game tho this time i un-subbed they need a decent FTP model to convince me its worth picking up again


Yeah the F2P model is atrocious to anybody who has previously subbed. To the point it is basically unplayable.


I agree, I feel kind of jibbed spending $60 on it and getting nothing :|.


People scoffed when I said in beta this game was so bad it’d be F2P within a year.

Its interesting how things turn out …


Im still playing took a break, now Im back 2-3 times a week.
Recent upgrades to F2P have made it more playable during leveling process.
Server population is still an issue (as it has been since release)
Dont bother playing as F2P if your a lvl 50 expecting endgame.

But then the entire point of swtor is the story line.
If you own it and havent finnished the story lines yet then F2P is a good option.
Just remember, dont skip quests.. any quest. do it or by the time you get to later planets you will have no quests left to do and have to grind/instance/pvp/space in order to get your level up enough to progress to the next planet.

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