RIP THQ: Assets to be sold off “title by title”, EA confirmed as interested bidder

THQ Upside Down

By on January 8, 2013 at 11:15 am

Sad news for THQ this morning as news breaks that the company’s assets will be auctioned off on a “title by title” basis to interested parties come January 22.

Those interested parties are now known to include EA, which has completed on-site visits of major THQ operations. Warner Bros. is also known to be in the running, following the weekend’s news that a judge had ruled the current bankruptcy operation was seemingly designed to thwart other non-Clearlake bidders rather than actually being in the best financial interests of THQ’s creditors.

As such, all parties have now agreed to a title-by-title auction — which may mean that different interested parties end up with different IPs.

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hopefully the buyers actually do something with the IP they purchase.


Get ready for Origin Exclusive titles such as: Company of Heroes 2, South Park: The sitck of truth & Metro Last light. Coming to Origin… ONLY


I just hope they don’t purchase the properties only to have them sitting around. It is unlikely with many of the games to be coming out very soon. However if these games don’t perform for their new buyers I can see IP’s being boxed.


THQ were one of my favourite publishers. I love and own probably 9 out of every 10 games they have release for PC. This just sucks.



Same goes for Ubisoft.


Quick, Valve, save some of the good titles from sitting in a corner of dust!


Someone please please please pickup the homeworld license


techhardy: Someone please please please pickup the homeworld license


I also wanna see Metro released so hopefully that gets picked up by a good developer!


Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Relic better be safe, with CoH 2 coming out and all.


sad news indeed


I have NO IDEA why people hate Origin so much yet drool all over Steam. They’re exactly the same thing. DRM.



Goodbye Metro & Saints Row

I have NO IDEA why people hate Origin so much yet drool all over Steam. They’re exactly the same thing. DRM.

One DRM is owned by EA, the other is owned by Valve.


What will happen to the Studios? To be honest all I care about is Relic and Homeworld IP staying together where ever they go.


Worst news ever today. :( That judge is full of derp. A lot of publishers deserve to go under but not THQ. All of their franchises are most likely dead now. I was really looking forward to many of them like a hopeful Darksiders 3 and Dawn of War 3. As it is *if* we get them now they’ll either be full of DRM or meh games at best that probably won’t have the love and care the respective series used to have.

Speaking of DoW what’s going to happen to the War40k license? Relic losing it is like the worst thing ever. :’(



Goodbye Metro & Saints Row

One DRM is owned by EA, the other is owned by Valve.

Exactly It’s the fact EA is involved that makes Origin worse than Steam. They just don’t have a good public image.


Hope Bethesda picks up Metro


Anyone want to pool money together and get gon to buy the homeworld license? :)


Why can’t EA be broke!? I mean, what economic model allows a shit company to buy out a champion?

I’ll turn over cars and burn things if EA gets their hands on any decent IPs.

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