NVIDIA deploys ‘GeForce Experience’ beta: auto-update your drivers and optimise your games

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By on January 25, 2013 at 3:51 pm

Downloading drivers and optimising graphics settings is basically what PC gaming is all about, and NVIDIA are trying to make it easier with a new tool called ‘GeForce Experience’. It’s been in private testing for a while now but has just gone into open beta which means you can download it for yourself right here.

What does it do? Well, it automatically detects when there’s a new driver available for your card, and downloads it for you in the application. Secondly, it also allows you to optimise the graphics settings for your games and gives you examples of where and how increased settings will show improvement.

GeForce experience supports 41 titles, including Far Cry 3, Batman: Arkham City, Borderlands 2 and Skyrim. Check out their video below to see what it’s all about.

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Black Patriot

Looks like it just recommends turning everything up to maximum, at least on my machine. I’m not sure if that’s actually best, as I usually test higher settings and I’ve got my games set as high as possible whilst still pushing 60fps.

Still, it’s a nice idea for PC gamers who don’t know that much about what all the different settings do, and there are plenty of people out there who don’t update their drivers regularly.


I opted-in for closed beta, and what I was curious about was whether they had profiles for the gtx 670, as they usually left it out on driver performance increases and for custom profiles for games they usually left it out too.

It’s not like I’ll get to try it anyway as my gtx 670 broke anyway and I’m getting it exchanged for a 7970 :\


AMD: please take note(s)


Mmmm nice enough to keep drivers up to date, but “optimizing” Hitman Absolution merely gave me a significant fps drop while not really making the game look much prettier then it already was.

At least there’s a handy revert configuration button I guess.



Er why? It’s totally unnecessary. I’m totally capable of checking for updates and adjusting my video settings. If that’s to hard you shouldn’t be using a PC.


Until EVGA replace my GTX480, I shant touch anything nVidia.


Until EVGA replace my GTX480, I shant touch anything nVidia.

Yeah let’s boycott the company making the tech, instead of the company actually making the cards.


No SLi support makes me a sad panda :(


I seem to have many more problems than are solved with every driver release (GTX260, so an oldish card now but still runs everything).

Automatic updates would be a nightmare in my case, and i really dont think this sounds like a good idea at all.

The driver that disabled all cards cooling fans is the one that most springs to mind for an example of how things can go really wrong, having that automatically installed in the 2 days before it was fixed would have bricked a ton more computers than it ultimately did.


Instinx beat me to it

Q: Are optimal settings supported for SLI configurations?
A: GeForce Experience optimal settings are currently based on single GPU. SLI configurations may be able to achieve higher quality settings. We plan to improve SLI support in a future release.

That leaves me out – poor little 670s, nobody loves you but me…


not that it matters for me at home, but at work, it doesnt support xp. then again i shouldnt be gaming at work, making my comment null and void


subw00fer: Yeah let’s boycott the company making the tech, instead of the company actually making the cards.

It’s more the fact it’s so unstable, I’ve tried multiple drivers and they’ve all ended badly.



Er why? It’s totally unnecessary. I’m totally capable of checking for updates and adjusting my video settings. If that’s to hard you shouldn’t be using a PC.

Get a grip on reality, chap.
Not everyone is computer savvy. I know a plethora of people who love to game on PC but know bugger all about configuring video settings outside of the in game options menu.
That means they shouldn’t be using a PC?
Go back to your cave.


of my 430 games installed it found 20 -_-?


If the installer could get hosted here I’d be happy. Currently capped, but it takes beta testers to make this stuff any good.



It’s not hard, I’m just lazy :P


I’m thinking if SLI isn’t supported then there’s little point for me to even give it a crack, yea?



Because it’s beta? Only about 40 games are supported currently anyway. Yes AMD has much to learn and have long since fallen behind nVidia in terms of features (does AMD have something like FXAA or adaptive vysnc yet?). Just wish nVidia wouldn’t be so dodgy about not letting you use their 3D unless you have their glasses/partner screens as well as their card and would let TriDef get into their cards to allow them to do proper frame sequential 3D on nVidia hardware. -_-



Let me guess: those twenty are tWIMTBP titles :P…

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