New gameplay video for Dead Island: Riptide shows there’s more to game than controversial statues

Dead Island Riptide

By on January 25, 2013 at 8:02 pm

In an effort to dampen the controversy around their collectors edition statue of a torn-up woman’s torso, Deep Silver have pushed out this bit of footage showing some alpha gameplay from the upcoming Dead Island: Riptide. Driveable boats make an appearance, as do hub defence missions — which is basically horde mode. Check it out below!

Source: PC Gamer

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Oh yeah looking foward for this one, the infected ones are just as crazy in the first one.


I thought the first dead island was terrible nothing here makes me want to go out and by a game thats a sequal to a really sub par game


Console style fov in the pc version didn’t help at all : (


Never understood all the Dead island hate to be honest. Wasn’t “terrible” at all, and fov could be fixed by running the dead island helper tool.

Already have my $28 pre-order of this secured from one of GmG’s ridiculous deals :D


Spent countless hours in Dead Island and definitely will be getting this too. But it really doesn’t look like they’re putting a whole lot of (or any) effort in to improving the gameplay. Saying they are sticking with mechanics that the dead island fans enjoyed just sounds like an excuse not to update a lot of it IMO.

It looks like the exact same game just with different objectives and locations which should be a given in any sequel. Looked like the same annoying lock-on mechanics, the same jumbled throwing weapon inventory placement, the same hastles of throwing weapons and having to keep track of the exact positions they land at. Probably still won’t be enough zombies to warrant playing multiplayer, leaving players fighting each other for the kills rather than fighting the zombies to survive.

They’ll probably even still leave in the ‘stomp fighting’ mechanic where multiple players can interrupt each others stomp as they greedily try to get it in themselves. The vehicles will probably have the same intense mouse smoothing and keep you struggling to keep your view from returning to the center.

This video done absolutely nothing to really get me excited let alone enough to pre-order, it looked like the same old stuff. I wanto see what’s new about the gameplay mechanics and what’s been fixed up since the original if anything.

I’d say anybody who didn’t enjoy the original would not want to get thier hopes up that this will be any more to thier tastes.


first one was so bad ! and this looks 100% the same, ill pass. console crap

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