Mass Effect 3 weekend challenge takes you back to basics


By on January 13, 2013 at 11:30 am

Here’s a little secret well known fact regarding’s editorial team and friends: we love Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. Come compare N7 ratings with us. Or maybe don’t, as it will probably cause you to spend the rest of the weekend quietly crying over your inadequacy, when you should be taking part in Operation Genesis.

The latest weekend challenge is, as usual, one day out for we Australians, so you have the rest of today and part of tomorrow to participate. And it’s a pretty easy one this time – to secure your special reward and an all-important item for your Challenge Points checklist simply extract from any map, on any difficulty, with both a bog-standard human male and an equally bog-standard human female. You know? Those classes all the way to the left which you used before you unlocked all the sweet aliens, N7 and Cerberus troops?

The story behind the Operation is that long-serving troops are being cycled out for R&R and we have a whole bunch of fresh new recruits to smack. Operations do usually bring in a fresh new bunch of newbies so excuse me, I have to go show off my Level 20 Sentinel and modded-out N7 weapons in front of the baby faces.

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Was doing the challenge as I happened to see this. These new weekly challenges are certainly easier than the old style ones, but it’s fun to just jump in for a few rounds, then get back to the other dozen games on my list after the various seasonal sales.


If only internets… my lvl 20 Krogans and quarians miss bloodletting….


Completed it. I’m sure my N7 rating isn’t as good as most here.


Well I just spent 3 hours playing ME3 multi. Forgot how much fun this is.


Can someone explain why so many people run around with lvl 20s and not promote them? Otherwise they aren’t getting the benefit of the XP and stuff….


It for the cash, to get the gear. The game isn’t about getting to lvl 20 again and again, but getting the best gear. Its much, much easier to do with a level 20, particularly if you want to do Gold difficulty – indeed, it makes an already challenging task damn near impossible if you’ve got a sub level character in a Gold or Platinum difficulty.

It is worth promoting your characters from time to time though, if for no other reason than to change how they work. Personally though, I’m molded to the setups I have, so even if I do relevel them, they’ll go to the same build.

Oh, and yes, the last reason you promote them at all, is to help build your war rating in the single player game. Now that the single player campaign is fairly played out, though, there is not much reason to do it.



I just recently re-installed this too and forgot how fun it was, I have no idea what that promotion button does.

Apparently it resets my guy to lvl 1? Ok… Do I get something as compensation?
I’m trying to Farm Creds to unlock Weapon mods (seriously what the hell box drops these, opened about 20 of various qualities so far since yesterday….) and it’s much easier to survive as a lvl 20.

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