Guesting coming to Guild Wars 2 on January 28: free server transfers to cease

Guild Wars 2

By on January 17, 2013 at 3:41 pm

One of the frustrating parts about MMOs can often be when your friends ignore your advice and start playing on a completely different server the one you’re on. Those jerks! Well, be angry no more as Guild Wars 2‘s ‘Guesting’ feature is launching on January 28, and will allow you to effectively just pop in to their servers and run around with them like normal… with a few restrictions.

For one, WvW is out — try to jump into some WvW and you’ll be booted back to your own server. And for another, guesting only works within the same region, so if you’re on a European server you can’t guest onto a North American server. You can also only guest on up to two worlds at a time: each time you guest on a world, that becomes one of your eligible guesting worlds for the next 24 hours. Once those 24 hours have passed, you can guest on a different server.

As a result of guesting becoming active, free world transfers will cease to operate. “Make sure that you will be on the world you intend to play on before January 28th,” writes ArenaNet, “because after that date, you’ll have to pay a gem fee to transfer worlds.”

Check out all the info and details on how guesting works over on the Guild Wars 2 site.

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That is disgraceful. We were told over and over pre-launch we would be able to guest with our friends in the world regardless of their location (except in WvW). Hell, it even still says much on their own site . Now post launch we get another story.

I guess this won’t be a big deal to many people here but as someone with friends abroad, I am pretty damn disgusted right now.


Huh? Are you talking about the Euro thing? because if they are US its going to work fine. Makes sense if the datacenters are in two different physical locations.

Hopefully paid transfers will settle down the WvWvW world hopping once and for all.


They really should allow all new players to have 1 free transfer. If you are hoping to start your account on the Sea of Sorrows server, you will basically be unable to to play the game until you see a spot open on the server.

At the moment you can join a different one and play until you see an open slot on SoS, then swap over. A few of my friends who got the game had to wait a few hours after installing to join me on my home server.

Either that or they should allow free transfers to continue for anybody until they have at least joined a WvW match.

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