Get your dinosaur mounts and more in this look at WoW 5.2: The Thunder King

World of Warcraft Dinosaur Mount

By on January 9, 2013 at 7:10 pm

The next World of Warcraft patch has been given a brief overview in this new trailer from Blizzard, showing off both the dinosaur mounts that you’ll be able to ride and the new environments you can clamber over in your quest for phatter lootz. Blizzard published list of all the things you can expect from 5.2 last week, but if you don’t want to read text then here is a video instead. Enjoy!

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Blizzard are releasing patches a bit more frequently lately but it still doesn’t look like enough to keep me.


Even i have to admit that Mists is looking better then Cataclysm by a lot, but i just don’t believe that Blizzard will ever have that Oomph they had in BC and Wrath that made so many people enjoy the game, regardless of how many subscribers they have, World of Warcraft is 8 years old, i don’t think it has much left in it to go, but thats just me.


Its starting to look pretty old. An engine overhaul would be nice, better visuals, better performance.

But that wont change the fact that each expansion and its patches has 1/5 of the content that vanilla wow had.


The subscription model is getting old and they are making money selling pets and mounts. They need to get serious and close down a lot of low population servers and merge populations.

People are not prepared to put in the time any more, like they did with vanilla WoW. Socially it feels like it is transforming into a single player game, as no one talks in dungeons. It is all about getting the shinies and getting out ASAP.


@shlaimon The issue with a complete Overhaul, is that at this late stage in it’s life cycle it’s not worth the cost of a complete overhaul of the graphical system, i think even blizzard realizes WoW is slowly dwindling, they have been pussyfooting around with the updated race models for ages, and only just recently started talking about it, and even then, they haven’t said if they’ll even do it just as example.

@Submariner The issue with combining/Shutting down servers is this, if they do start merging servers, then it would cause a mass panic in the population and further encourage all the WoW is dying bandwagon members, Regardless they have even said that they won’t server merge, i know Ghostcrawler said it, and he is bit of a dick, but they won’t server merge because they want to squeeze every cent they can from people who transfer to larger servers.

Overall, Blizzard’s Golden Goose is dying, a 8 year run is amazing by any stretch, especially with such a huge population for so long, but Blizzard is running out of Lore Ideas and Creativity to keep going much longer, at this year’s Blizzcon they’ll announce another expansion for WoW and Announce Titan their new MMO, which they believe in magic fairy land will have the exact same playerbase as WoW did, which obviously it won’t, WoW was the first and last of it’s kind, a Undefeatable King of MMOs not all challengers stand up to it, but inevitably the KIng itself dies from old age, Nothing will replace World of Warcraft, but it doesn’t mean other MMOs are worst because of it.


There just isnt a feel of community like old wow had, you always saw the same people and created friend ships, now its XRealm crap you never see anyone no says anything theres no community its all man for them selves.



agreed, there basically is no server identity anymore, the community has devolved into some instant gratification crowd, who only care about themselves and gear. last i was around it was already getting unbearable.

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