Facebook Competition: Win an ASTRO A40 headset and Far Cry 3

ASTRO A40 / Far Cry 3

By on January 7, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Welcome to 2013! Our friends at ASTRO and Ubisoft have asked us if we’d like to help give away an ASTRO A40 gaming headset, as well as some copies of Far Cry 3 to go along with it — and naturally, we thought this sounded like a pretty good idea. They’ve asked us to do the whole thing over Facebook, so head on over to our Facebook page for all the details on how to enter.

What’s so good about the ASTRO A40? Check out our review. Well, what’s so good about Far Cry 3 then? Don’t worry! We’ve got a review of that too.

(If you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry! We have some more competitions coming up very shortly that will explode your non-Facebooking-mind!)

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Man, as if facebook isnt obnonoxious enough, without getting us all to add to the random message spam :/


Bloody facebook promotions… lot’s of ‘like this’ and ‘share that’ for them to squeeze free advertising out of us and clog up our wall.
It’s times like this I’m happy I made that trash dummy FB account with no contacts on it for precisely these sorts of things.


This is why I have a second dummy FB account so I don’t annoy my friends.


Are you guys insane? What a boring comp.

I liked the more involved comps like when we had to write stories or make cakes. Any chance stuff like that will be reappearing?


Really? You’re going to complain about the chance to win free stuff by basically doing nothing? And you can just unlike the pages after the comp should you so desire?

There’s no obligation for anyone to enter this. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it “insane”. They even specifically say in this news post that more competitions are on the way.

But of course the sky is falling, and it’s the end of all things great. After all this is what, the 2nd somewhat recent competition involving facebook actions, and the other was the Corsair SSD one in October? (You know, 3 months ago).


And adding onto my post, whenever it involves a story or a picture or some sort of design a new weapon etc, people complain that those are too hard as they’re not creative/artistic enough.

Wide audience, need different sorts of competitions to give as many people as possible a chance to take part.


I have to say I don’t understand these Facebook comps, seems backwards to me. They should be using Facebook to promote competitions here not the other way around. I don’t often enter comp’s anyway but I’ve been a member and customer of Internode for 6 or 7 years now and I get excluded because I won’t sign up to Facebook…seems a bit rough.


Whinge Whinge farking Whinge. People. Gawd.

Anon. E. Moose

I wonder when people will realise they can just hide it from their wall.



Rofl what a way to lose your sh!t over nothing. Someone obviously thinks the sky is falling but it ain’t me. ;) I was just merely saying I like comps that are involving and have you do something. I find winning free stuff far more rewarding if I feel i’ve earnt them. I also like when I can use my skill at something to play a part in how likely I may be to win something but that’s just me. It’s fun for me and others and it was only said that more comps would be on GON, not what those comps would actually involve, sure there’s been some ‘say X in 25 words or less’ comps but I can’t remember the last time we had an extreme comp like cake making which was specifically what I was asking about, can you?

Also come back here about my choice of the word ‘insane’ after you’ve entered the comp or at least looked at it on facebook. ;)

Anon. E. Moose

*Blames the lack of an edit button*
And can also set the post to invisible for friends so it doesn’t spam them.

Ah well, the less entries people make because their profound boycott of Facebook, the more chances the rest of us have.


Are you guys insane? What a boring comp.

I liked the more involved comps like when we had to write stories or make cakes. Any chance stuff like that will be reappearing?


As it says in the post, we’ll have another competition up real soon. Hope you enjoy it! The prize pool is worth a considerable amount of money and we’ve been hard at work organising it.


Should have made people come up with a poem or something as well :P People spamming a single word is a bit naff :(



Firstly, haven’t lost my shit, when I do, you’ll know it.

And my point to you was, look at the competition history, you’ll see far more competitions that have requirements you like, than ones requiring 30 seconds effort on facebook.

Go back to the comps you mention, like cake making, and look how few people actually get involved in them, vs how many people get involved in something like this. I won one by default basically, which was “Take a photo of you infront of a car holding a sign saying GON and Trackmania”, it got so few real entries the few of us who actually did it, just got given a game.

Now you’re not an idiot, join some dots, what’s better for GON, a cool funky competition idea that no one enters, vs something simpler that a lot more people enter. So while I can’t recall the most recent example, it’s a question of effort vs exposure for the GON team, this is after all part of a business, not a charity.

And I entered this competition, I had to like 1 extra page (Already liked GON and Ubisoft), post on a wall, and share a picture. There is nothing insane about this scenario, except people having a good ole sook about it.


*epic facepalm*

Obviously I need to clarify everything i’ve said as people here seem to think i’m pissed off or something.

1. I’ve entered it so um yeah…no idea where the nonsense about people boycotting the comp is coming from.

2. The insane comment. IT WAS TONGUE IN CHEEK. Have none of you even entered the contest? It asks you to put the word ‘Insane’ in the facebook comments section, original I was only asking about other comps but added that first thing in because I thought it’d be amusing, obviously others didn’t and are taking offense to it. I guess the original post sounded too serious or something, sorry I failed at making it obvious I was just messing around.

Finally for argumentations sake, there’s no such thing as getting involved in these kind of Facebook comps as there’s nothing involved about them. You like a page and that’s it. That Trackmania one was frankly lame btw, there was nothing involved about it, i’d take facebook comps over that any day HOWEVER I seem to recall there being quite a few entries to the cake comp. No it wasn’t the hundred’s or thousand’s that this facebook comp will bring in but those who did enter had great fun and things like that comp help create the bonds this community is full of and makes this place more than a business. That’s why I like those types of comps and why I was asking about specifically.

And yes I see that there have been plenty of the ’25 words or less’ like comps in the past but again I was asking about the EXTREME comps. 25 words or less isn’t extreme, writing a short story with a theme or baking a cake is. I’m not making demands or blasting you Tim for having these facebook comps, i’m just curious if we’ll ever see something like the cake making comp again, that’s all.


That second last paragraph is pretty messy as I look back on it (damn no edit button!). Just ignore it. I’m more arguing technicalities there as I didn’t agree with your choice of the word involved but it doesn’t really have anything to do with anything really so just ignore it. Better that then more arguments breaking out.


3 problems;

1. I’ve already finished an uninstalled FC3
2. I already have ATH-M50s headphones, no need for something inferior.
3. Facebook is something you’d literally have to pay me to sign up to.
The whole concept of it is shady.


I hate competitions like this however I want both items so I dont mind liking (then later unliking) the pages involved for a chance to win a copy of the FC3 or maybe those headphones.


Who cares what the competition is, It’s only going to be won by some random no poster new account like always.


New Headset! :D

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