Day Z Standalone server architecture will reduce hacking


By on January 27, 2013 at 11:48 am

The Standalone release of the notoriously hackable Day Z has embraced some fundamental departures from ArmA 2′s engine in order to reduce illicit activity, lead developer Dean “Rocket” Hall said in a new developer blog.

“Contrary to some who say Day Z will be releasing with no anti-hack mechanisms, one of the key things we are doing with development is entirely redeveloping how the engine works. I can’t stress enough just how fundamental this change is,” he said.

“Day Z’s game servers will function like servers in other MMO style games, that is the server will control the behavior and the sending of updates. No longer will your machine receive all the updates allowing their analysis by various cheats.”

Hall said the team is experimenting with spawning all zombies and loot when a server initialises. Other recent development milestones include an improved inventory system allowing for weapon modification and the beginning of an internal closed test phase. Character customisation is the next major goal, followed by vehicles and base building.

Source: Day Z blog

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wasn’t this supposed to be released already ?
Also i give it a week before it’s flooded with hackers, war z has the same server architecture setup (or atlest from what i can best guess) and look what happended there O_o


Fingers crossed.


unless it have state of the art server or something like that hacker do anything to have a advantage.



I think you’re underestimating the development team for DayZ. First of all, Rocket and his team come from an established and popular game company anyway – Bohemia Interactive, who also are giving his team their full support. Secondly, The War Z is developed based on The War Inc engine, which is terribly flawed and simple and hasn’t actually been developed much from it’s “War Inc” days either – it’s developer is also the same bright spark who created that wonderful nugget of a game that is Big Rig.

DayZ and The War Z are worlds apart in development abilities, direction and execution. Other than the fact that both games involve zombies and the idea of surviving, there is little else that is really a fair comparison between the two.

Hacking on The War Z is far more prevalent and rife than it ever has been in DayZ and it’s STILL wildly out of control. That’s not to say there won’t be hacking in DayZ but their approach to handling control and server/client trust will be vastly different to how ArmA II and the DayZ mod currently handles the situation. I’m also confident that Rocket and his team aren’t stupid enough to follow The War Z’s proven ineffective methods and approaches.

As for the original release schedule perhaps this entry on their DayZ development Tumblr will answer your question. Actually, almost every post on their Tumblr is interesting insight and reading about its future and progress.


I agree for a release that “was supposed to be released already”, but “delyed because he wants to do it right”.. it sounds like it has alot to go..


@ hotdog I think you underestimate hackers.

I really can’t speak for how many hackers are in war z, but every time i log onto an official day z server there’s atlest 1 guy flying around with an aim bot massacring anyone within range :P.

As for following ineffective methods again this sounds identical to what War z devs were saying that it follows a more mmo like infrastructure and that it was harder to hack because of that.

I’m happy to be proved wrong but I have my doubts I don’t have alot fo faith in bohemia/rocket atm.


and have been working with Valve to ensure our new server browser system is working (we utilize Steam for this purpose rather than Gamespy as for ArmA2)

Awwww yeeeee any help from Valve is always good.


Wonder if this will require a permanant Internet connection.


Wonder if this will require a permanant Internet connection.

A permanent internet connection to play a MMO?


At the very least this game will have ESp/radar hacks and aim-bots, both of those are client side only using either packet sniffing or if that fails [due to something like encryption] they often fall back on memory scanning.
The reason is that certain information is needed by the client, such as players and loot/vehicles inside visual range.
and as we know, visual range can be at least 1.6km in arma.
aim-bots can simply use pixel scanning to find a specific colour to aim for, but once the radar hack is working they can be more complex and work from the radar data.

They may be able to stop duping/item spawning and illegal actions like flying or teleporting and speed hacking.

That said, the most important hack in a game like this is the radar hack, it means you can be completely safe in the knowledge of anyone in your visual range and I can’t see a way they can stop that since its all client side.

its a shame but its unavoidable.


When I used to play, the Admins were also the ones hacking too, as there is no way they can get banned from the server obviously. There was some seriously dodgy goings on in that game. A guy once appeared in front of my friend and I with full gear (like he teleported), we shot him like 20 times, he disappeared, server goes down for an emergency restart 20 seconds later and my friend is banned.

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