Cliff Bleszinski: Saints Row is “amazing” but doesn’t “help industry perceptions”


By on January 27, 2013 at 2:12 pm

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has sparked debate this weekend by giving it as his opinion that the Saints Row franchise should “keep the crazy action and game mechanics” but “lose the gimps and dildos and purple suits”.

“If your average guy is embarrassed to be playing a sequence in a game when his wife walks in that’s a bad sign,” he said. “The SR team is amazing. Dildo holds them back. It’s immature.”

Bleszinski said Volition could give Rockstar “a run for their money” and that he found Saints Row: The Third mechanically more fun than recent Grand Theft Auto games. As hilarious as he finds the dildo, “it doesn’t help industry perceptions”.

“Once you put a dildo in your game it doesn’t matter if your controls, pacing, graphics are all great. You’re ‘that game with the dildo,’” he concluded.

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Does he not realise GTA also had several usable sex toys as weapons?


I found the dildo to be hilariously epic, as did everyone I know /shrug also what matty said GTA has does similar


No to mention, Cliff sort of contradicted himself.

“The SR team is amazing. Dildo holds them back. It’s immature.”
But then finds the dildo hilarious.


It sounds contradicting but I do get what he is trying to say. I think what he is meaning is, sure they are funny to gamers and people who like the game. But when the outside looks in, say politicians for instance who are having a field day making un-informed snap comments about games. The particular game, and games in general suddenly look more immature than they really are.


Meh, I think I’ll take Cliff’s opinion with a grain of salt. I love Saints Row: The Third, including it’s silly choices of weapons. It’s also “that game with the bubble gun” too but Cliff doesn’t see that as making the game “immature,” it seems.

Sexual objects CAN exist in a game without causing it to be immature or offensive. I have yet to meet an ‘average man’ who is embarrassed to play this game. By his logic, if the average man is embarrassed to play Saints Row: The Third when his wife walks in, what exactly does he expect the average man to feel when his wife walks in on him taking his GTA girlfriend back to their house for a bit of “hot coffee”?

Both Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto are quite satirical games to begin with. Not to mention that Matty has also already pointed out the bleeding obvious about Grand Theft Auto’s weaponry, which Cliff seems to happily omit from his own commentary.

Oh well. I suppose there’s a reason why Cliff is the creator of Gears of War and not the creator of either game he’s critiquing.


I think he should just shit the hell up, I havent enjoyed a game as much as SR3 in a LONG time, the whole thing was just well executed. Every single time I do a mission with the pimp voicebox guy I totally lose my shit.



I Think he is referring to the scenario of “his wife” of the “average guy”


Sorry double post



Agreed! Zimos was hilarious and every time he spoke, it was amazing. My only disappointment was that there wasn’t enough of his auto-tuned brilliance.


Dear Cliffy B,


Saints Row fans


Sorry, but the Gears did less for the industry than SW, so WTF is he talking about.


I agreed with him.

Dear Palzero

…if only I could block you..

Sincerely, Users


The pony carriage mission had me audibly laughing. There was comic validity to the ‘immature’ aspects of saints row the third. To clarify; Saints Row is not a game for the deeply religious, or the flat out prude, but as a game for the ‘average guy’ (18-60, lower to middle class, and surrounding demographics) SR finds its mark.

Cliffy B isn’t interested in target demographics, all he cares about is the mass market. Watered down, generic, consumable, rubbish.


oh you play these games for that sorta humour, let them do their thing, i know its his opinion, but come on :p everyone loved that silly stuff


I just don’t get how Cliffy B can say that saints row is giving the indistry a bad image when he produced Bulletstorm which is just as immature maybe even more so then saints row.


Pretty much agree with him, SR2 had it right and they just went a little silly with number 3.

GrandMaster Glock

Once you give CliffyB a mike, you’re ‘that company with the dildo’.



Hey, don’t talk for me. I have my own opinion.

I don’t agree with Cliffy B. But then again I like to enjoy my games not worry about what the outside world thinks.


He kinda has a point. My initial impressions of Saints Row the Third based off the screenshots/videos I had seen were pretty low. It looked really puerile and immature. But then I picked it up quite a while later during a Steam sale, and fell in love with it. What appears to be puerile and immature turns out to be an extremely well crafted game that satires the very things I initially held against it. It’s just you don’t understand that until you play it.

His real point however should be the age old “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Except that’s a tricky one. I have no doubt you will all vehemently agree that commentators should not be judging games they haven’t played, and stop making silly judgements about things they’re not informed about. But don’t we all do the same thing ourselves? I’ve never read or watched Twilight (and I doubt many of you have either), so why are we allowed to call it the worst thing ever?


hotdogwithsauce:, if the average man is embarrassed to play Saints Row: The Third when his wife walks in, what exactly does he expect the average man to feel when his wife walks in on him taking his GTA girlfriend back to their house for a bit of “hot coffee”?

If the average man is embarrassed to play with a dildo in a video game, what does he do when his wife pulls a dildo out of her draw.

If anything GTA should be frowned upon more so then Saints row. In GTA:SA you could get your hands on a dildo that was somewhat more regular and something someone could actually use. Now i know this topic could open a can of worms being the internet but lets keep this mature and smut free, but at least the one in SR3 was done to the point of absurdity as it was the size of a baseball bat and i don’t want to picture the woman that could actually ‘use’ a dildo of that magnitude. I personally think more harm comes from making things life like IE GTA SA then doing them to the point of stupidity like SR3.

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