Blizzard reveals Heart of the Swarm opening movie, proves they’re still kings of the cinematic

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

By on January 22, 2013 at 7:07 pm

As somebody who is often more excited for the StarCraft II story than the multiplayer side, I’m always keen to gobble up Blizzard’s cinematics like so much gravy at Christmas — and today’s release of the full opening movie to Heart of the Swarm is just what the gobbler ordered. Enjoy it below (or download it from our file mirror in HD), and keep an eye out for the brief Wilhelm scream along the way.

Heart of the Swarm launches on March 12 — part of a very busy month for PC gamers.


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Awesome cinematic, as always. Feel sorry for the marines in game who have to face an Ultralisk lol (Except that one guy who used the Wilhelm scream, I don’t feel bad for him in the slightest).


Love the wilhelm scream!
It’s in everything!


I sincerely wish they’d stop making video games, and start making movies.


Also love the Wilhelm scream. I’m continually impressed with Blizzard’s amazing cinematics. I have utterly no interest in Starcraft, but damn that was awesome. Warhammer 40K movie with those graphics kthx.


Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!


I thought it was very “meh” wings of liberty was a better cinematic imo


Also love the Wilhelm scream. I’m continually impressed with Blizzard’s amazing cinematics. I have utterly no interest in Starcraft, but damn that was awesome. Warhammer 40K movie with those graphics kthx.

Inquisitor fan-made movie is well on its way, and there’s also the Ultramarines movie; the graphics aren’t the best (neither is the story come to think of it, and Dan Abnett even wrote it of all people) but it has a very good voice cast.

Also, the ingame cutscenes are absolutely AWFUL in all Blizzard games so hopefully this is a little better; even the dedicated engine for SC2 cutscenes was horrible as characters would cycle between the same 2-3 animations over, and over, and over (especially Tychus on the cannon on Charr).


Wait, there was a question as to whether they were still the kings? 0_o As always an epic cinematic.


Plz Host this video file…..


Seems like Raynor screwed the pooch prettyyy hard by not killing Kerrigan.
Im pretty sure Tychus may of been an asshat but at least he wasn’t a niave asshat.


kerrigan is hawt!



Tychus was by far my favorite character in SC2. The ending of the game pretty much drove the rest of the story into the ground in my eyes. Felt more like pandering to the people who just wanted kerrigan back rather than going with a good story. But I’ll save final judgement for after the expansion/s.

Raynor is just a selfish horny drunk that loves his own voice. :p



Nar he didn’t screw up, Raynor and ‘good’ terran are safe, Kerrigan wants revenge on Mengsk that’s who she is after and no one is going to get in her way.

Bugalugs McScruffin


So how would they do a Zerg campaign after Kerrigan dies? Is there conveniently an Overmind Kerrigan didn’t know about, waiting for her to die? Or maybe the Hybrids took over the Zerg, but they are supposed to be the ultimate villains.

I want to see how this turns out. It looked like it was all just a vision that Kerrigan had, so I think her character could become much more interesting that Tychus ever could have.



kings at cinematics yes but also kings of fucking games up also, cough Diablo 3 cough….


bugalugsmcscruffin: So how would they do a Zerg campaign after Kerrigan dies?

Why does Kerrigan have to die? I just thought it was a bit lame that they had a miracle cure. Sure Kerrigan is a much more important character for the overall story than Tychus, but Tychus was still a pretty good sidekick character. It was good having somebody like him who for the most part seemed to be doing the right thing, but just in a really aggressive and brute force way as opposed to the do-good main character that would rather save a single psychopathic girl who is the complete opposite of who she used to be, rather than end a war that will rage on for god knows how long killing millions in the process.

It’s like having a zombie relative that you keep in your basement after the outbreak has died down. Hoping for a miracle cure at the risk of breaking out all over again and causing a shitload of death. Which of course it will, as we have seen too many times. And in all these movies you sit there going “Why? You are an idiot! Just kill the bloody thing!”

I always find it pretty lame when any series introduces characters for a short period just for the sole purpose of having somebody to kill. Worst of all was that he expected Raynor to just stand there and do nothing when he did what he did. There was no shock for the result, just disappointment.

There are so many other ways it could have gone, but instead it was just an entirely cliche result in the end. If I had tried to guess who lives and who dies at the beginning, it would have been a no brainer.

I think its pretty safe to assume the miracle cure is only temporary, kerrigan slaughters countless people (as the zombie theory goes) raynor realises that all the death is basically his fault and that any hope of returning kerrigan is lost, feels it is his responsibility to put her down. All this after kerrigan has had her babies of course, you know, the ones she falls pregnant with during the ‘temporary cure’ stage (Raynors been hanging for it ever since thier first meeting, there’s only so long a guy can hold off). Why do you think its called ‘<3 of the swarm'? ofc you won't see these babies being born until the very end of SC2 most likely after the credits ;)

Maybe I've just seen too many movies, but it all seems incredibly cliche so far. Maybe they will surprise me though but going by Wings of Liberty I'm not getting my hopes up.

Although knowing Blizzard and the way the Diablo 3 story went, I'd say your theory wouldnt be far off for a Starcraft 3 or 4. There's only so long you can continue a story for before you have to implement some 'oh this unknown thingymabob just so happened to magically be here to continue the story' explanation. Well… it's either that or an endless cat and mouse chase that never resolves.

[Yeah... prob should have submitted those ramblings to the soapbox or something. I blame you for the question you put at me! There's probably not even anybody still reading and I'm just here rambling to myself now...]


Actually made me remember how much I enjoyed the campaign. Damn you Blizzard, take my money… again.



As it stands though, the information from Zeratul suggests that without Kerrigan, they can’t win the oncoming war, it seems Terran, Protoss and Zerg will need to team up to defeat whatever is coming, so killing her isn’t an option at this point.


Plz Host this video file…..

Here you are: :)



At this point in time, yeah. But a peace treaty with the zerg can’t last for very long. You could barely even imagine one happening in the first place.

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