ASUS to release ARES II multi-GPU card, claims cooler and faster than GTX 690


By on January 11, 2013 at 7:41 pm

ASUS have unveiled a new Republic of Gamers multi-GPU card, the  ARES II. Unlike previous multi-GPU efforts from ASUS, these cards aren’t running at hobbled speeds — each ARES II contains two HD 7970s, running as fast as you please. This combination gives the ARES II a base clock of 1,050MHz and 6,600MHz memory clockspeeds, which is pretty impressive to say the least.

The ARES II don’t need no “air cooling” either: each unit will come with a hybrid liquid/air cooler, with water blocks attached to the GPU and an additional 80mm fan inside the card housing. The card has a dual-slot footprint, so you’ll need to make room inside if you’re wanting to run one of these.

ASUS claims that the ARES II can not only outperform NVIDIA’s GTX 690 by 13%, but that it also manages to stay 30 degrees cooler while doing so. Impressive claims, but things could get even more impressive once people start overclocking it and seeing how hard they can push. At this stage, no pricing information has been given, so feel free to speculate!

Of course if that’s all too much for you, you could just pop over and try to win a Radeon HD 7970 from us, thanks to Gigabyte. Just sayin’.

Source: PC Gamer

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And how much does it cost?


And how much does it cost?

Just a product announcement at this stage, no pricing given.


Good point, I should add that (or that we don’t know yet, rather) to the piece. Done!


Will this be a limited edition card? I heard it might be.


Sounds like I’ll be selling my kidneys to buy that then…



..But will cost your arm and/or leg. Why must Hardware (especially in AUS) be so overpriced.


Apparently it’s going to be a limited run of 1000 units. I think from what I heard it was going to be around $1500. It’s more of a show off piece then anything. ASUS knows it’s not gonna mass sell, so they’re making it limited, from what I remember it was gonna be laser etched into the backplate what number yours is.


feel free to speculate!

ASUS GeForce GTX 690 4GB goes for about $1320, and ASUS claim ARES II is faster and cooler than that, so expect it to scale upwards of $1320. Possibly 13% dearer, as it is 13% faster? I would expect it to be around $1500+.


If it is a limited run of 1000 these will be snapped up stateside in the first 10mins.



..But will cost your arm and/or leg. Why must Hardware (especially in AUS) be so overpriced.

Actually at the moment hardware in aus is pretty fairly priced to the point of largely being on par with the states, pccasegear for example has some amazing prices.
Where we get ripped off most is tablet/portable computing prices TBH

source: lots of travel around to and from america purchasing system in each country.


ok just so everyone knows, these monsters are only useful for benching in PAIRS so you get quad sli. and not really effective for general gaming

why you ask? obviously 1 card has 2x gpus and only uses 1 slot so running 2 cards gets you good performance per pcie slot.

however 2x 670gtx in sli will get you the same performance if not more at half the cost

and 2x 680gtx garantee’d moer performance at a lesser price

so there you have it


hmm no edit button

just for reference sake i was refering the price to performance based off the 690
and if this is aboot 13% faster the 670′s / 680′s will be aboot the same

also pricing is still speculation but im guessing price will be higher than a 690
purely cos of what the card is (higher performing dual gpu card than the 690)


^ Where are the links to the remarkable benchmarks and current prices you’re referring to? (e.g. 2 670s in SLI beating a 690 at “half the cost”)

How is a dual GPU card any less “effective for general gaming”?

How do you figure that one pci-e slot isn’t enough bandwidth for dual GPUs?

I’ve had SLI before but I prefer having a single card. Besides the combined cost, heat output, power usage and case requirements of 2 cards plus what to do with both of them once they’ve become obsolete.



I’m impressed by the hard figures you present on an unreleased card.

Also impressed by how you fit a dual slot card into one slot.



Its still dearer here, but not by much. PCCG is pretty shit now, Local Umart shits on it.


ball0fire, if I clock both cores of my 690 at the same speeds of two stock 680′s, I’m willing to bet I will indeed get the very same performance from my single card, also, I GAURANTEE I will get better temps from my 690 with the stock vapor chamber than having two 680′s stacked on top of each other.

I recently installed a custom loop to cool it so it’s even more efficient now, sure this ARES II may be faster by a touch but I bet it’s not cooler!

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