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By on December 12, 2012 at 1:25 am

It’s been a great week for Games Workshop fans, with the announcement that not only will Creative Assembly be lashing themselves to the wheel of the Warhammer Fantasy license and making Total Warhammer, but that a small German company specialising in turn-based titles had picked up the rights to a Space Hulk video game.

So does this mean we’re on the cusp of a new wave of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 licensed titles from the Nottingham halls of Games Workshop? I ran a quick eye across my heaving, neckbearded bookshelves and looked for the most promising titles yet to feel the tender touch of a video game license.


What is it? Inquisitor focuses on the Inquisition (no! really?) and presents a dark, heavily story-driven world where small individual warbands of powerful Inquisitors and their allies clash with both each other and the enemies of mankind. With Inquisitors able to command the best resources in the galaxy and possessing ultimate authority, the setting teems with cameo appearances from hulking space marines, alien kroot, horrific daemonhosts and berserk combat servitors — and much more.

How would it work? This would be a perfect chance to really go to town on the sheer, crushing brutality and darkness of the Warhammer 40,000 universe in a glorious, epic RPG. We’re talking a deep storyline, a rogues gallery of interesting NPCs, and environments that span the entirety of the galaxy from the depths of hives to the bizarre unreality of the warp itself. And single-player only, of course.

Who should make it? CDProjekt RED’s work with The Witcher and the upcoming Cyberpunk demonstrate a company with a strong handle on what it takes to make a great RPG. BioWare would be a solid second choice, but the crushing nihilism of the setting doesn’t mesh too well with their usual repertoire.


What is it? A radioactive, daemonic meteor smashes down onto a sprawling medieval town, killing almost everybody and leaving the survivors hideously mutated. Sounds bad enough, but when it’s discovered that shards of the meteor (known as warpstone) possess staggeringly powerful magical properties, it’s a gold rush of an awful, terrifying kind. Gold-hungry warbands of mercenaries, daemons and orcs clash with puritan priests and mutated beasts.

How would it work? Mordheim would be best as a turn-based, top-down strategy title. Assembling your warband from a wide variety of races and characters, you’d lead them to victory in a series of campaign missions or engage in online skirmishes against the warbands of your friends. Think XCOM: Enemy Unknown. With more stabbing.

Who should make it? Firaxis have proven they’ve got the goods to handle both solid strategy and atmospheric gameplay, and are my number one pick for a Mordheim game.


What is it? A space hulk the size of a small moon, carrying nothing but orks, crash lands on a deserted planet and irreparably destroys its ecosystem in the process. With nothing better to do, the orks start fighting amongst themselves in a planet-wide conflict of constant skirmishing and territorial conquest. Ramshackle buggies hoon through the desert, carrying truckloads of giggling ork boyz into battle, smashing through forts and engaging in high-speed motorbike chases while swinging rusty cleavers at each other.

How would it work? If the above doesn’t instantly scream “Angry, drunken Battlefield” at you then I don’t think we can be friends any more: with vehicles, squads and a ranking system, you’ve got all you need for greenskinned hooliganism. Go on, get in the trukk — I promise I’m a good driva.

Who should make it? It’s a pretty open and shut case on this one: nobody does open-world, infantry and vehicular warfare better than DICE.

Battlefleet Gothic

What is it? A ever-niche but still popular space combat game set between the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 and its ground-pounding combat. Ponderous capital ships drift into position, firing spreads of torpedoes from hundreds of thousands of kilometres away while fighters vie for supremacy at close range and boarding crews rampage through the hulls of enemy ships, blasting them open to the dark of space. Spaceship combat in Warhammer 40,000 is fought on a massive scale: most capital ships dwarf those of other science fiction settings and have populations number into the millions — whole nations worth of people live and die on their floating worlds without ever knowing another existence.

How would it work? Although it’d be tempting to go for an X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter style dogfight simulator, the core essence of Battlefleet Gothic is in its sweeping overall strategy elements, bringing ships and formations together in just the right combination for victory. We’re talking a space-based RTS on a grand scale, although one that skips the resource-gathering and just takes it straight to the fight.

Who should make it? If the above sounded a lot like Homeworld to you, then we’re in agreement. Relic did an admirable job with Space Marine and a stand-up job with Dawn of War. It’s time to send them back into the skies for their next 40K project.

While We’re At It, Let’s Just Reskin PlanetSide 2, Please

An open, sprawling world with hundreds of players simultaneously fighting a massive war. Ships, vehicles, mechs, troopers, bases to capture and resources to fight over. It’s a Warhammer 40,000 simulator waiting to happen. Hell, I don’t even have anything clever to say about it. Let’s just… let’s just do it, okay? Does anyone have John Smedley’s phone number?

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Man Warhammer is so last year. It’s Magic the Gathering now =p. Also, Relic doing anything resembling Homeworld would just be fantastic.


Magic the Gathering? HERESY, YOU SHALL BE PURGED.

Inquisitor would be an -amazing- RPG experience. The sheer variety possible is staggering. Radical or Puritan? Witch Hunter, Xenos or Daemonhunter? Embracing the power of a daemonhost or destroying it, knowing it has eternity to wait for you? If you think the abominations of Dragon Age possessing mages were bad, you’ve seen nothing yet…

Funnily enough, what I want to see next isn’t so much a game as a different type of doing it – I was discussing with a friend what it would be like to play real time tabletop RPG games using a turn based system. You would have one player as a GM making stuff as you go along, putting down rooms, monsters, triggers etc, and staging real time conversations with dice rolling etc. No rule arguing, and with facilities to allow for the GM to exert ‘beyond the rules’ control… could be fun. I’d sure like to play it.


What about Necromunda?



Oh MY yes. That would make an even better game than Mordheim. I love me some Necromunda even now. I’ve had myself some criminally overpowered gangs in the past – if someone said that they needed money to make a Necromunda game, I’d get another job to continually throw money at them until they made it.



personally, i think necromunda was the shittest aspect of 40k. however, i believe it could make an OK arena based fps. my vote is for all the above though. warhammer(s) ha(ve)s THE BEST stor(ies)y. the planetside2 idea is pure gold (dont feel left out, i’m in it for fantasy warhammer too). but it’d have to be true; dark, terrifying, gory and EPIC. on a side note, you didn’t mention the 40k epic universe. uhm, titans? we saw a glimpse of that with the mmo dark millennium online, but that is no more so WHERE ARE MY FULL SCALE GLOBAL BATTLES WITH TROOPS, TITANS AND DROPSHIPS! PS2 = almost.



just to wank a bit more, can you imagine a planetside 2 where your heavy armour (with a crew of 35) had to crouch behind a mountain for cover midst battle? just saying.


Would shit my pants in anticipation of any of those being properly adapted….. Mordheim would make a SICK dayZ style game set inside a NY size city.


What about Necromunda?

I’ve always thought Necromunda would make a good PC game. When Silent Storm came out I thought the engine could be modded to make a Necromunda game. Now that the new X Com is out though I can see that as an even easier transition, the combat mechanic is very similar, just change up the strategic side and add in a persistent multiplayer.


Mordheim was really badly balanced and simplistic compared to Necromunda.

Necromunda was always my favourite GW game.


And I mean really badly balanced.


I think this could be my all time favourite news post on GON. Give me all of these. Now. Especially Planetside 2 reskinned with a couple more races. That would just be amazing. Both the 40k and Fantasy Universes have some absolutely awesome opportunities to become excellent games and I hope GW lets a few different companies have a go at it.


Despite the blatant ripping off of other settings, most of the Warhammer stuff is fairly entertaining. The problem is they have to make a GOOD game out of it. The past is littered with bad Warhammer based games.



Gorkamorka is freaking hilarious. Would make a very fun BF style game, and you could throw in the ability to gather scrap etc then build vehicles, upgrade them with bigger weapons etc etc.

Battlefleet Gothic would also be amazing. It’s always a fun game to play on the tabletop, adapting it to the PC could be very big indeed.

So many possibilities….


would also like to see a direct port of battletech to android – some hex based strategy with great damage models would be fun on the Nexus.

but yesh, battlefleet gothic and necromunda please. Heck, even Mighty Empires would be a lot of fun.


And I mean really badly balanced.

Pftt….what do you mean badly balanced….what on earth is wrong with an entire Skaven warband with slings!

Or an assassin with fighting claws, wallclimb and sprint!

Some people…. ;)



It could be worse. I had a heavy in Necromunda with a ballistic skill of six, one of the weapon sights, and an invented one in a million autocannon (normally 600 credits if you can even -find- one). He basically only ever missed on a 1 with a strength 8, D6 wounds weapon and he had enough armour and wounds to ensure no one got the drop on him. THAT is imbalance.


Another vote for Necromunda. Love the game and a campaign mode to rule the underhive would be awesome.



It could be worse.I had a heavy in Necromunda with a ballistic skill of six, one of the weapon sights, and an invented one in a million autocannon (normally 600 credits if you can even -find- one).He basically only ever missed on a 1 with a strength 8, D6 wounds weapon and he had enough armour and wounds to ensure no one got the drop on him.THAT is imbalance.

My fav was a Scaly with a harpoon gun, sure it was pretty much always going to be a one shot weapon but knocking people off a four floor building :D


Borderlands is basically gorkamorka.

Would be interested to see an Inquisitor RPG provided it was possible to exterminatus a planet, but frankly I think a DOW style version of Privateer Press’s Warmachine would rule.



It could be worse.I had a heavy in Necromunda with a ballistic skill of six, one of the weapon sights, and an invented one in a million autocannon (normally 600 credits if you can even -find- one).He basically only ever missed on a 1 with a strength 8, D6 wounds weapon and he had enough armour and wounds to ensure no one got the drop on him.THAT is imbalance.

But the point is you earned that due to how the campaign worked out. You didn’t start with half the options being completely useless. I seem to remember there being no real reason to take anything but missile weapons and two handed swords in Mordheim, because the way armour was so simplified, there was no real point to shields or other hand weapons.

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