The War Z is now available through Steam, 10% off during introductory period

The War Z

By on December 18, 2012 at 5:10 pm

The War Z, also known as “The Game That is Not DayZ”, or as we called it “a boring, soul-less apocalypse” is now available on Steam. Priced at $15 for just the game itself, The War Z is also available to be purchased with in-game currency, which bumps it up into bundles of $25 and $50 respectively. All options are on sale for 10% off during this introductory period.

This Steam launch is being labelled a “Foundation Release” by developers Hammerpoint, who claim that the game now has more than 600,000 registered accounts and a daily player count of 150,000. It’s not known whether “Foundation Release” means “beta” or “extended alpha” or “post-beta-but-not-quite-gold-either”. It’s all a mystery.

If you’ve previously purchase the game and would like it in Steam instead, Hammerpoint will be offering a conversion page where you can generate a Steam key for yourself.

We’re chatting about this in the forum right now. Maybe you should stop by?

Source: PC Gamer

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Terrible game. That feature list on the store page is bullshit too, barely any of those features have been implemented. And nowhere does it say it’s a work in progress.


According to this article –

It’s unfinished and missing a lot of what it is advertised as having.


As the above have said: Its a trap!


From everyone that bought the beta I have heard from , they are going to ditch it and move over to dayz once it goes standalone indie


Man I am glad I read the comments section. Was about to buy it :P

Any other review from those who’ve got some gameplay experience though?


Might be worth buying at some point. My advise would be to give it some more time.

It can be fun, but due to it’s current problems also very frustrating. They still have alot to do. Problem is, they don’t seem to realize that. (atleast not fully)


Any other review from those who’ve got some gameplay experience though?

I would tell everyone not to bother with it. I got a invite to use in the first wave of invites from a mate that paid for access. Worst mistake ever were his words.

Couldn’t recommend this for the current price knowing that it was going to be a “Free To Play” Title, let alone free.


steam forums are going nuts about how people shouldn’t buy this



I played it a few weeks ago. It is as horrible as everyone says. No idea if theyve fixed it yet, but when i played, you could lose aggro on the zombies by jumping on a small rock etc. thats if you dont get instagibbed by hackers.


I’ve had fun with it waiting till private servers tho to start playing again, the stuff about the steam feature list is simply untrue all the features listed minus private servers are in the game.

But honestly it does still have a long way to go then again … for 13 bucks you can’t really expect perfection surely ?


I wil just leave this Here!


And more Here! (Read the comments).




There’s a difference between perfection and playable.

I’ve played it for at least 30 hours on and off since it was first released assuming I was testing an early alpha, but hardly anything has been added since October. Its honestly a terrible game. The images on steam are not from the released game. They’re from a developers release made purely for making those screenshots. The developers do not communicate what they’re doing. They are clearly using this as a quick cash grab.


Yea its really shit, just buy and play dayz and be happy.


Just save your money and avoid adding a dodgy title to your Steam list.


It’s selling well, even though general internet consensus says “stay the hell away it’s a bug ridden, falsely advertised, hacker infested hell hole”.

Haven’t played it myself so I cannot comment on the quality of the game first hand, suffice to say I enjoyed the survival of Day Z a great deal … including the survival of the Arma 2 engine.

Ah Arma 2 engine you sweet magnificent bastard! It goes in guns blazing in all directions, goes to the wrong town, drives the wrong way or in first gear for an hour, circles a trigger point for 30 minutes in hair tearing frustration, has your squadmates jazzercise from prone to standing endlessly and then when it looks like all your tanks are bouncing randomly under withering .22 fire – suddenly from the furious flames outbursts the Arma 2 engine, astride a Panther tank, guns belching death, bimbos hanging off each buffed bicep as the enemy flees in retreat.

Damn their games are singlehandedly the best and worst in gaming, when it’s poo stinks, it’s corpse like, but when it hits the money it sings like a beautiful song a clarion call to the gamer – you Arma/ original OFP fans know what I mean.

Yeah.. >_>


ugh top of the steam top sellers list. Surprised considering the almost unanimous hate for it on the internet



Not really. See call of duty. Not everyone reads forums etc. From the images and description (which are false and misleading) it looks alright. Definitely worth $13 anyway. It’s not though. The fact that hammerpoint have put it on steam on special in its current state seems to prove that they’re trying to milk this for as much as possible before everyone realises its trash.


Also they’ve updated the Steam page to remove some of the outright lies. I can’t believe they were allowed to put up what they had there. The majority of things on that page aren’t implemented and won’t be for some time, if at all and the screenshots are extremely misleading.


I figured for $12 it was worth a punt even if it turns out to be horrible if I can get a few hours of fun with some friends in, it’s $12 well spent. On the upside, I’m going in with the impression that its incredibly shit, so at least it wont be disappointing lol.

wolfstar90: Also they’ve updated the Steam page to remove some of the outright lies. I can’t believe they were allowed to put up what they had there. The majority of things on that page aren’t implemented and won’t be for some time, if at all and the screenshots are extremely misleading.

I wonder if that means you can get a refund :D


For those that bought it on Steam yesterday, I imagine they should be able to as the game was falsely advertised. I don’t want a refund, the $30 I paid was acceptable for 30 hours playtesting and I’ll certainly check by every few months to see what has been added (assuming they’re still adding things in a couple of months). I just feel the need to warn people that this game is not as advertised and probably never will be.

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