Steam’s Christmas Sales kick off with discounts on Borderlands 2, Hitman: Absolution, and more

Shut Up And Take My Money

By on December 21, 2012 at 11:18 am

I awoke this morning to the sound of my wallet shrieking in pain, spinning wildly around on my desk and occasionally spraying out a fine mist of blood. Demonic possession, you say? Actually, quite the opposite: the Steam Christmas Sales have kicked off, and it’s time for wallets everywhere to begin their annual suffering.

The sale is running from now until January 5, and has opened with deals like 50% off Hitman: Absolution, 50% off Borderlands 2, and Wargame: European Escalation for just $9.99.

Meanwhile, flash sales up today include War of the Roses for $15 (next three hours only!), Natural Selection 2 for $10 and Batman: Arkham City for just $7.50. Madness.

Hit up the Steam Store for more deals.

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THQ Bundle is also 50% off with some recent titles in there. It’s probably the best deal up there at the moment! :)


Not as impressive as the Autumn sales imo. The two Batman games are tempting as is the Darksiders Franchise Collection (PoP 2008 would also be a must get if it had the real ending) but everything else is just zzz. I was like OMFGBBQ at some of the company sales until I realized they completely lacked any DLC (also for some like the THQ bundle I owned most of em >_> ).


I think the wallet joke is getting kinda old. Particularly since everyone knows by now it’s pointless to buy games just because they’re cheap, as you’ll end up with too many games and not enough time to play.

/grumpy cat


yea….i was about to buy mirrors edge and it went to the page “you already own this game”



Guess I’ll have to change my avatar D:




Oh and BTW, the THQ bundle has now just been given a 50% discount IN ADDITION to the existing discount that the bundle provides:


Pretty rubbish sale to be honest. No treasure/scavenger hunt and the deals themselves are rubbish.

Hitman Absolution “Daily” is actually cheaper at Amazon Digital.
It’s recently come to light that Scribblenauts will be 75% off (that’s 75% off the American $30 price, not steams $50 pricing rort FYI) on Amazon from the 24th also.
Not to mention the Recent Darksiders 1+2+ALL DLC for $13 pack I picked up yesterday from Amazon…

Consider me unimpressed with Gaben and steam in general.


Isn’t this just day one of many days?



So one day of a unimpressive sale (to you) is enough to leave you unimpressed with “Gaben and steam in general”, even when it’s the publishers (afaik) that set the prices, not steam?

Mmm, entitlement.


fuck, arkham city for $7…thats unreal! anyone that hasn’t got it, buy it now!!!



Hey you should join the Steam forum Discussions, the children over there are incorrectly labelling people as “entitled” too! :D

You mentioned it only being the first day – but it’s ironic because several of the dailies already on this “first day” are cheaper elswhere or soon will be. (hence my mentioning of them and being unimpressed…obviously..)

Lets see.
-Removal of achievements/activities
-6 Dailies as opposed to the 12 or more from previous years
-More expensive then other digital Stores. (Not even accounting for the Aussie jacking on this one – literally just in general; AKA comparing US prices)
-Lack of interesting and humourous background art incorporating the characters from said daily deals.

And, let me get this straight, your wondering why I am unimpressed? Ok….

Oh and it’s not just me, it’s kind of… um you know.. the majority of people who are voicing their opinion on the forums…

I take it these “Steam White Knighters” weren’t around when the prize booth 2011 and 2011 wintersday events took place, otherwise I can’t fathom why you could possibly defend the lack of scavenger hunts/activities/rewards (and actual good deals back then – Multitude of Indie/Publisher/Dev packs!) that actually made the Steam sale events a cut above the rest.


I was about to say myself, “Is it just me or are these sales getting worse and worse each year?”

Looks like it’s not just me.



Haven’t you got something better to do than complaining about video games not being cheap enough for your tastes and lack of art/activities. If you feel you can run a better service than Steam, feel free to develop one yourself. Also feel free to buy your games elsewhere. No-one forces you to by games on Steam. Well Valve do for their own games, but so do EA and that’s hardly relevant.

Some people like having their games centralised in one account, others like the service steam offers. Some people bitch and whine if they aren’t getting their way, others move on and buy their games from elsewhere.



Ignoring your redundant strawman of “why don’t you do better” since I don’t own nor am I in the business of selling digital games (Seriously why make such an asinine statement…?) I like having all my games centalised also, that’s why the games I mentioned are all steamworks….
And nothing better to do? Well excuse me for sharing some cheaper prices, plenty of people on the steam forums showed an abundance of gratitude to learn that Scribblenauts would be $7.50 in the next day or 2 compared to steam’s lackluster discount.

I’m still not seeing any evidence as to why this event isn’t a letdown compared to 2011′s/every other digital store.

(As an aside for anyone wondering/interested in todays *STEAMWORKS* Xcom flash deal it’s $25 on Getgamesgo Compared to steam’s $46.89 ;) )

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