Space Hulk game announced, will feature cross-platform multiplayer

Space Hulk

By on December 11, 2012 at 12:50 pm

I don’t think it’s any secret here at that I’m a pretty big fan of the ol’ Warhamz, and today’s news that Games Workshop’s iconic Space Hulk boardgame is set to be translated into a digital version is very welcome news indeed.

Developed by German company Full Control, the game will be releasing on PC, Mac and iOS and will feature cross-platform play between all the versions. A single-player campaign based on the ‘Sin of Damnation’ hulk featured in the latest re-release of the board game will be included, as well as both head-to-head multiplayer and co-op multiplayer against Genestealer AI.

The game’s scant website also promises a level editor, as well as game expansions via DLC into the future. No release date is announced, not even a vague ’2013′, but we’ll live in hope!

Source: Space Hulk

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Soooooooooo realtime action, or a turn based electronic copy of the game? because the latter seems semi-pointless…


Presumably it’ll be a turn-based electronic copy of the game, play-by-email styles like Frozen Synapse. That’s about the only way cross-platform multiplayer could work properly when you throw iOS into the mix, I’d say.


I was a huge fan of the warhamz up until they hiked the prices of figures by 1 bazillion percent, then disallowed shops from exporting. Not to mention the crappy alternating codex release cycle. (Lets make one team the MOST powerful for a month. Then a new one. Hopefully the kids will be too dumb to understand we just want them to buy the flavour of the month army.)



Mmm… while my love for GW games runs deep, I’m dubious that this looks… kinda shit.


I think I’ll hold back enthusiasm until more information is forthcoming. Ditto with criticism, I want to see more before I start blurting out the first few things that come to mind. Which, I might add, is kind of mixed. <_<


I remember enjoying the original Space Hulk PC game. Never played the actual board game though.


Loved the board game! Would love a play by mail option, would be perfect for me and mate as we’re both on different shifts.


< still has space crusade.



The original Space Hulk game for Amiga and PC released in the early 90s was outstanding.


Loved the old Space Hulk games on PC, not to mention the Space Hulk board game which was a great source of cheap citadel miniatures as opposed to the over priced pieces they turn out otherwise. Love Warhammer stuff and I enjoy the game but that is from decades of collecting armies, would hate to try and buy a decent army now *shudders* walking into a GWS nowdays brings both nostalgia and a hip pocket coronary.


i am looking forward to it, but would also like to see some extra stuff.
innovation is needed, and would be awesome to see some of the other races put in.
maybe wouldnt work as well with other races :P but could be fun .


About bloody time. :)

I remember renting Space Hulk on the Playstation from a video store many moons ago. From memory, it was my first ever exposure to the Warhammer universe. Been waiting for a remake of it for decades. :)


BTW – from Full Control’s website –

“Full Control makes games for old school gamers with little time to spare and few games to play. We specialize in turn based games in a hardcore theme. Tired of pastel colored farming games? We got something for you!”


Could be rather interesting!
I’d really love to see a proper RTS based on ‘Epic’. That way we control full armies and Titans on the battlefield. I’d prefer this over the more squad based system of 40k which ‘Dawn of War’ was based on!
We need some Titan action people!!
…we also need less peeps using hash tags all the time too… #theyareouttacontrol

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