Sitrep: The Game You Were Playing When The World Ended


By on December 19, 2012 at 9:47 pm

More and more, I’m finding that, for me, every year as a gamer is wholly defined by one game. Generally one game that explodes a lot.

Last year, it was easily Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the soundtrack of which I’m still grooving to work with. The year before that, Fallout: New Vegas. This year, it was The Darkness II. At least, I thought it was until Far Cry 3 pretty much blindsided me with its endless litany of uproarious possibility. I’m a gamer torn: Jackie Estacado’s cel-shaded brutality or Jason Brody’s accidental pyromania? I thought it’d be Mass Effect 3 all the way and while I loved it to bits, the experience was marred externally somewhat by all the snotty hate that surrounded it.

I have got to stop reading the internet.

The world is ending this week though (actually, I think it was supposed to end two weeks ago and didn’t, but let’s hold out hope here, there was a fierce wind the other night), so this indecision must become decision: What game, I wondered as the outdoor cinema’s giant projector screen curled over in the possibly apocalyptic evening breeze, would I most want to be playing if the world was going to end? And also, quick follow-up on that: Am I ever gonna get to see Looper? I want to know what happens to Bruce Willis. I worry about him.

Tough one, huh. One game to rule them all. I think back, and think hard. It’s weird: I don’t think “present”. I think past. I’m not sure if that says more about me or the state of gaming. Maybe a little bit of both, but I can’t help but feel games in the ‘90s and early 2Ks – where I had most of my formative experiences – were a lot less self-conscious than they are today, and thus free to just be games as opposed to living a conflicted double-life as an enterprise beholden to a whole new demographic they often don’t really seem to understand. Games now are fun. I don’t get worked up about ‘em or their perceived or actual wrongs. I just switch on and switch off. Back then I’d just be switched on.

MechWarrior 2 showed me crushing scale was possible. Wing Commander III taught me the value of great supporting narrative and execution. Duke Nukem 3D turned the environment into a playground. I was more afraid of Realms of the Haunting than is reasonable to admit. Deus Ex floored me by not letting me get away with murder for once. I can’t think of one new thing this generation that’s really turned me on quite like the defining qualities of the aforementioned.

Games look prettier now. That’s nice, but if gigantor tidal wives were lapping at my windows and I had but a precious few moments left with which to do naught but game, it wouldn’t be Human Revolution, or New Vegas, or Far Cry 3. It’d be pin the tail on my DOSBox piñata.

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Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES, on my first play through, That seems like a good way to go out… either that or a bit of ye olde slap and tickle with a room full of the Victoria’s Secret girls, that’s not really a video game though :D


I’d storm Mournhold with a horde of skeletons in Morrowind.


Realms of the Haunting… now there was a game. I remember getting a demo of that at some stage when i was young, though it scared the hell out of me, i roamed swap meet to swap meet to find a full version. A whopping 4 cds cram packed full of terror and puzzles. great times.

Still, with our impending doom at hand, what game to play to end all games? fallout 2 comes to mind. though with the recent graphic and sound overhaul mod i just downloaded for morrowind, it has given a much desired facelift to the (easily) greatest of the Elder Scrolls games. But then, who doesn’t love trudging through the atmospheric wasteland of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?? Mad men, that’s who. The ‘hunting’ rifle/shotgun gives me tingles every time i pull the trigger.

Going out with a bang!bang!..Reload…bang!bang!..Reload…


Actually I do think Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be a good title to play should a gigantic asteroid destroy the Earth for example. The reason is simple: I’d be sitting there playing, moments before the annihilation of mankind and say, with a frown…

“I never asked for this…”



Honestly, I’d like to be doing the last battle in Dune II playing as Harkonen aiming first for the Atreides base to quickly wipe out the Fremen spawns. After that I’d have a wall of Siege Tanks backed up but a few Devastator Heavies and a couple of Missle Tanks. I’d wait until my first Salvo of Atomic Missles were ready, fire them off then charge the Emperor’s Palace. I wonder how far I’d get before everything went BOOM.


If the world is ending, the game I’m playing isn’t on a computer.



Oh Tobes, you satiate my thirst for al things manboy in the gamerverse, if we were to build a house in minecraft it would be made out of creepers and those new things notch just added, but purely so we could laugh as it aimlessly followed some fool around the server, it would be a cathedral oh hissing….. and hilarity…

But alas, this next doomsday, I will strive to live it large in the way that one of us gamers knows how. Since i have time on my hands or no time if you count time in the physical sense, i will adhear to ‘time given to gaming’ and thus not ‘time wasted in living’ ergo whence i reference time it will be of the gaming variety. for one should live to enjoy life, be it physical, mental or purely virtual…

In this pursuit of the best game for one to enjoy on this most innocent of days, i have concocted one sole survivor, one lonesome ghast that sways the memory of the loving and forlorn for when it is spoken of it brings both tears of joy and sadness to our lonely man-beaded faces, and searches our souls for imperfections. One game. One lonely game. But you will state, ‘that is one i have played and i know what it is you speak of’, and thus try and sway me with your foolish attempts at pyromancy or new vegans or simply a robotic man with a conscience. But know this, i stand steadfast and resolute in this decision.

As the world dies, many will be on the streets screaming that goku finally beat freeza and the world will end nigh, and as the flames creep up the walls and the endermanboys roam the streets and zombie raptors redeem and all of the above, i will simply sit in the chair, with a glass of fine whisky slowly defrosting from the hellspawn erupting around me, hands firmly gripping my trust keyboard and mouse, eyes mesmerized on the screen and epic cans on head simply to hear those few words we will always long for…

“Rise and shine, Mr Freeman…. Rise.. and Shine…”


Left 4 Dead :)


I’d like to pick something unique and cool.. But the truth is, whenever I get home, I always just end up playing CounterStrike:Source.. So it’d be that… >.>

Toby McCasker




thankfully I don’t give a frack about what the naysayers opinions are and so I will be deep into the ME universe hoping that if it is an asteroid collision, it will hit them first :-p



Simple, I’d be playing the same game me and a bunch of mates were playing at a LAN 11:59pm December 31st 1999 in anticipation of Y2K – Total Annihilation :)

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