Rumour: Ubisoft plotting to purchase THQ at bargain-basement prices

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By on December 22, 2012 at 1:45 pm

MCV UK is reporting overnight that Ubisoft are rumoured to be considering a purchase of the struggling THQ, who recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as they restructure.

According to sources within Ubisoft, the company is currently in negotiations with THQ (or their new owners at Clearlake Capital) but aren’t willing to drop the dosh on THQ until the price drops to bottom-barrel levels. Ubisoft are reportedly prepared to hold out until THQ becomes desperate enough to sell off specific assets — presumably, one or two key franchises that the French company have had their eye on.

Ubisoft have made no comment, and considering the nature of the story, probably won’t. More as it happens!

Source: MCV UK

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Nooooooooooo..I don’t want Uplay!


that’s not good….

i hope by some miracle valve buys THQ


Well… Crap. I wonder which ones they want? That being said, Assassins Creed- Eversor could be hilarious and terrifying.


Fucking hate Ubisoft.




Nooooooooooo..I don’t want Uplay!

I agree. But let me put it this way. Sort of the lesser of three evils (the other two being Activision and EA). Either way I really do not want Relic to fall into the hands of either. Valve buying Relic would make me somewhat at ease.



I don’t want THQ games infested with Ubi’s immoral DRM and DLC practices. :(


I don’t understand why this would happen if the private equity firm is giving them “ample capital to let us finish the games we are making and continue making games going forward.”



Very much so.


I hope they are not selling the Metro series to Ubisoft.

This is not going to end well!


>insert Darth Vader’s “noooooo” here<


I always had hoped Ubi would fall instead of THQ; this is just one giant sucker punch.


Don’t even think of touching Saints Row.



LOL! What? become Steam is better than Uplay? FFS, get over your self.

Anything is better than EA or Actizzard, so who cares? Uplay at lest has a working Offline mode. Unlike STEAM.


I really hope Ubisoft does not buy THQ .
COH will be ruined if Ubi deals with it and then infects it with ugayplay


Since Ubisoft dropped the always online DRM, I’ve started to really like Uplay. No problems what so ever. Out of all the big overlord publishers, I really don’t mind Ubisoft. The only company I don’t want owning THQ IPs is EA.



LOL! What? become Steam is better than Uplay? FFS, get over your self.

Anything is better than EA or Actizzard, so who cares? Uplay at lest has a working Offline mode. Unlike STEAM.

steams offline mode works I play SP titles during flights all the time

Bugalugs McScruffin

There is a good article on the Penny-Arcade Report explaining a lot of this, with a fantastic comment by Regtocomment clearing up the misunderstandings in the article.

The final conclusions, if people are too lazy to read it all, as far as Regtocomment are concerned are as follows…

So, TL;DR:
1. Clearlake Capital, a private equity firm, has an ironclad deal to purchase THQ.
2. It is unlikely that THQ will be acquired by a competitor.
3. If purchased by Clearlake Capital, it is unlikely that development on games will be altered from THQ’s prior plans, whatever those may be.
4. For the love of God, fire Brian Farrell and replace the BoD

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