It’s “all hands on deck” for the next ME3 DLC: Seth Green, orchestral score, the works

Mass Effect 3

By on December 6, 2012 at 12:22 pm

BioWare are gearing up for the release of their next major piece of Mass Effect 3 DLC, and reports are that it’s going to be the biggest yet. Designer Jos Hendriks revealed on the company forum that “pretty much every ME3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved”.

Chief Composer Sam Hulick is set to make a return after skipping Leviathan and Omega, and teased on Twitter that he was “Tossing in piano and muted strings for this one particular piece. High potential for tears.” Composers Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco are also contributing.

Meanwhile, BioWare Producer and Voice Director Caroline Livingston also revealed on Twitter that actor Seth Green was set to make a return, thanking him for “yet another fantastic session”. Voice actor Raphael Sbarge, the man behind Kaidan Alenko, tweeted at the end of October that he’d been back in the studio for some voice work — and since he didn’t feature in Omega, many are speculating that he will show up this upcoming DLC instead.

Source: Eurogamer

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I hope it’s about going to Tiptree.

That was one of the worst parts of the game, that I recall, for just being flat out horrible. Remember Joker talking about his sister? I think her name was Hayley or something like that. He talked about how his family was on Tiptree, and the reapers hit, but he was hopeful because they got most of the women and kids out.

And then you hear that Asari commando in the hospital with PTSD talking about her story, and how she got taken in by a family, and then they got hit, and all the family was killed, save Hayley. She took the girl with her, but eventually she had to kill her to prevent the giving away of the position, as well as a whole bunch of indoctrinated civilians. Ghastly stuff.

The planet? Tiptree. The girl’s name? Hayley.

Joker is an orphan and the last surviving member of his family, for the majority of the story, and he doesn’t even know. And Shepard, who probably does know, never tells him. Knowing that, and knowing how he tries to keep a better face on things AND look after Shepard, is for me, personally, ghastly. Its also the reason why I can’t do the ‘red’ ending, as it would leave Joker even without EDI. It just feels wrong.


Wait….THE Seth Green from Family Guy?




Wait….THE Seth Green from Family Guy?

You know he’s been in Mass Effect since the start, right? He plays Joker, the pilot.


Tim Colwill: You know he’s been in Mass Effect since the start, right? He plays Joker, the pilot.

Wait… THE Mass Effect from Bioware?


ooshp: Wait… THE Mass Effect from Bioware?

Wait… THE Bioware from Canada?


Jess Colwill: Wait… THE Bioware from Canada?

Wait… THE Canada from Earth?



I’m replaying ME3 at the moment, and I’m determined to pick the ‘red’ ending. As if I wasn’t feeling bad enough already! I’d never considered it like that. In other news, SHEPARD IS A DOUCHE.


Well I always take the red ending after hearing this news report when I walked down to the cargo bay:

“A city of 3 Million wiped off the map, Adelaide Australia bombed from orbit.”

Yep, ONE ending.

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