Humble THQ Bundle closes, second most profitable Humble Bundle in history

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By on December 13, 2012 at 8:10 pm

The Humble THQ Bundle has now closed, raking in $5,097,474.23 with 885,287 bundles sold. This marks the second-highest grossing Humble Bundle, and is one that isn’t likely to be surpassed in the future (unless we see another Humble Major Publisher Bundle, I fear).

At an average price of $5.76, purchasers were able to pick up Red Faction: Armageddon, Darksiders, Metro 2033 and Company of Heroes, with Saints Row the Third being available for above-average purchasers. Titan Quest and Dawn of War were later added.

Top contributors include THQ CEO Jason Rubin with $10,000, THQ’s former CEO Brian Farrell with $1,650 and with $1,600.

The article originally claimed this was the most profitable Humble Bundle in history — thanks to iohth for the correction.

Source: Humble Bundle

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Humble Bundle V made $5,106,764. Source.


“humble indie bundle”…. all games are mainstream releases, lul.


Humble Bundle V made $5,106,764. Source.

Oh woah I was under the completely wrong impression apparently. Cheers for the correction!


THQ going out of business because their CEOs are floating in money to donate to THQ.

wait, what?


That Humble Bundle 5 was incredible, and the only humble bundle that I haven’t bought. The games were so good I already had them all.


Tim Colwill,

No worries. I only knew because I was counting the sale down hoping it wouldn’t invoke such news headlines. It was always going to do well though, unfortunately.

The humble bundle people have done their brand (and the associated ideologies/movements) a significant disservice in exchange for a short/medium term financial gain. Prototypes aside, they’d held steadfast with unencumbered, cross-platform accessible games/media through all the bundles and experiments.

At the very least they could’ve spun it off as a ‘Not-so-humble bundle’ (on a different website?) to acknowledge the divergence.


The divergence was acknowledged here:

Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, a Humble Bundle rep has this to say: “When THQ expressed interest in our pay what you want plus charity model and willingness to let us bundle so many top tier titles, we couldn’t believe it at first. But trying to turn up our noses at this epic chance to make gamers happy and help worthy causes like Child’s Play and the American Red Cross could only have been defined as arrogance.”

Why say no if you can make more money for charity?

Humble, no?


“humble indie bundle”…. all games are mainstream releases, lul.

You go to right now – even though the sale has finished the web site always shows the events of the previous bundle. The word “indie” is completely absent, even from the source. They started with indie bundles, then moved to music, ebooks, and now big publisher titles.



Are you for real? Such high pedestal ideologies there.



The money that Rubin put in to the bundle is going almost entirely to charity, with a bit to the Humble Bundle guys, not to THQ at all.



I don’t see the controversy to be honest.
THQ made the games, why shouldn’t THQ get the money?
Especially considering it is entirely up to the consumer how much they pay, and how it is distributed.

I give enough to charity through other means, so I always split my purchases on Humble Bundle 70% Developers, 30% Humble.


Like most I already had the games, but I still put in the $15 (normal split) for a backup copy, no harm in preparation for a “3p!kz L4nz” as they say

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