Green Man Gaming offering Christmas Sales and cash-back deals

Raining Money

By on December 22, 2012 at 6:28 pm

The good folk at Green Man Gaming have written in to let us know that they’re having their own Christmas Sales, and they’re just as good as Steam’s thankyou very much.

The first thing to know is this code: GMG30-DPLIM-DN831 which will get you 30% off nearly everything in store (aside from a few exceptions).

There’s also daily deals, too: starting today there’s 50% off Hitman: Absolution ($25!) and 75% off Lord of the Rings: War in the North ($5!) and 66% off Capcom Games. Tomorrow it’s Quantum Conundrum, Sleeping Dogs and more, and there will be rolling daily deals all the way to Boxing Day.

The 30% off code above can be combined with these daily deals (except Hitman) for even greater savings. Enjoy! And if you purchase a title which has a cash back sticker, you’ll get some cash back (or you can take it as GMG credit to use later). What is this madness.

Head on over to Green Man Gaming and take a look.

UPDATE: For those asking, I’ve put a list of upcoming bargains over the Christmas period below.


66% off Sleeping Dogs plus Cash Back / GMG Credit
75% off Quantum Conundrum
66% off a range of Capcom games


50% off Lego Lord of the Rings
75% off Red Orchestra 2
75% off Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection


75% off Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition
50% off War of the Human Tanks (offer active until 1200 GMT 26/12)


No daily deal today


50% off Football Manager 2013
75% off Sine Mora
75% off Alan Wake Collector’s Edition
75% off Batman Arkham City GOTY

From 27/12 look out for great savings on Borderlands 2 (plus DLC) and XCOM, Darksiders 2 and Darksiders 2 DLC.

Just a reminder that the GMG30-DPLIM-DN831 code will get you 30% off nearly everything, above and beyond these discounts. Get in!

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war in the north + the 30% off voucher = $3.50 :D


75% off sleeping dogs, with an extra 30%. Plus maybe the special edition. Maybe, just maybe


kulprit: he 30% off code above can be combined with these daily deals (except Hitman) for even greater savings. Enjoy! And if you purcha

So interesting in giving this game a go, people keep telling me good things about it.


Sooooo I tired to go for the $3.50 and I kept getting “Order not complete, could not complete your order please contact” etc etc

Maybe try paypal instead.



How are you getting 75 % off on it? :S


I can’t seem to even get GMG to discount Sleeping Dogs for the 30 % let alone any other amount.


Maybe I will Lrn2Read first ;)


“Order not complete, could not complete your order please contact”

Broke ass website is broke.



Same problem here. Got a reply from the support section. “Inconsistencies between IP and billing address”

Can’t see what “inconsistencies” they are talking about. Details all seem to match up as they should.

Oh well… looks like no $3.50 War In The North for me.


Boring Hack and Slash anyway.


Sleeping Dogs is on.
66% off, and its the special edition. So $16.99
Then the extra 30% voucher, so $11.99,
Plus get to choose $6 credit or $4 cash back.


I guess the LoTR war in the north was only on special for a few hours.
6 hours after the article was up, the special is gone :(


Yeah… I missed it too.
Damnit :(

Really wanted that!


The sleeping dogs deal is great. $11.90 after putting that code in and $6 credit for later.

Darth Teddy Bear

This website had issues with the last sale with people in the asian pacific region not being able to get their games registered with steam. Now I see there are again issues.

Visitors here take your recommendation seriously and to say that this vendor is good. From comments in your last recommendation and this one would suggest they are not.

Please note I am far from a Steam lover and want competition as I am sick of getting bent over by Steam but I feel that these ongoing issues need to be taken into consideration by before making another recommendation promoting this company.


Darth Teddy Bear


The sleeping dogs deal is great. $11.90 after putting that code in and $6 credit for later.

Great deal and I bought it. I got a 500 error after authorizing the card via the bank but I still got my email with the key and the payment seemed to work anyway.

For the record GreenManGaming is a good site to buy things but sometimes my card does not work, paypal however usually works.



25 purchases so far over the years on my GmG account, not a single payment/key issue.

Obviously whenever someone makes a purchase they’re not going to go to the forums and create a post or song and dance about it, however the vocal minority who do have payment issues are going to do just that.

GmG/Amazon Digital has been getting my business so far this Christmas sale, literally haven’t spent a cent on $team yet. :D


Can you give us a heads up on tomorrows deals as well? :)

Ninja Catfish

War in the North is so totally and utterly worth it. Had 10 hours of co-op fun when I bought it maybe 8 months ago.


Can you give us a heads up on tomorrows deals as well? :)

Sure can! I’ve updated this page with what’s coming up all the way to the 27th. Enjoy!

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