Worst Game of the Year: the games.on.net Staff Picks for 2012

GOTY 2012: Staff Picks: Worst Game of the Year

By on December 25, 2012 at 10:00 am

At the end of each year, we gather our staff and regulars together and put the question to them: what were the most standout games for you? Here, then, are our staff picks for the Worst Game of 2012. Let’s see if you agree…

Alex Walker: Medal of Honor: Warfighter

The best possible thing I could say about Medal of Honor: Warfighter is that at least the multiplayer was fun, provided I scrubbed the last five years of modern military shooters from my brain with battery acid. And that’s the list of Danger Close’s positive contributions: everything else was provided by DICE (responsible for the Frostbite 2 engine) and Criterion (designers of the driving games).

When the best mission in your campaign is parking in a Dubai driveway, and you’re trying to emulate the success of Call of Duty by using all of their tricks, you’re clearly doing it wrong. But the best moment of all came from the United States government after Warfighter’s release, when the Department of Defence cut two months’ pay from seven Navy SEALs who liaised with EA. Good, I thought. It wasn’t just the gamers who were getting punished.

Patrick Vuleta: The War Z

Bit tough to call a game the absolute worst of the year. A game will always appeal to someone. I’m even sure, for example, that Custer’s Revenge—often voted the worst game ever, has a few fans. But what we can do is judge games objectively. The War Z was worst game of the year, due to clear, objective failings. Did it mislead customers? Yes. Did it copy DayZ? Arguably. Did Steam have to offer refunds to respect false advertising laws? They certainly did, and I’m a lawyer.

A game’s gotta at least have its own strengths, and be able to stand behind them. The War Z has none of its own strengths, and so was the worst game of 2012.

James Pinnell: Carrier Command

My initial preview of Bohemia’s remake of the 1985 classic was promising, to say the least. The unique twist on an RTS, where your command of a aircraft carrier filled with automated bots replaced micromanagement of an entire army, ended up becoming the game it was trying to avoid. Absolutely atrocious AI, a dismal attempt at a story, awful voice acting and easily one of the worst introductory missions in gaming history found the full release utterly wanting. When you end up spending your entire mission trying to manually steer a tank away from the invincible rock it seems adamant to destroy, you know that you’ve stumbled into gaming hell. Dear developers: Quality Assurance is your friend.

Toby McCasker: Resident Evil 6

Max Payne 3 was a great movie and not much else, but Resident Evil 6 really got up my ass this year. Like, it worked itself right up there in a relentless forward march of alternate squirelling and tentative prods until my colon responded with unadulterated rage. I. Hate. This. Game. This from a longtime Resi Evil guy circa ‘96, too. More than being simply not fun at all, it is also indicative of the conflicted psyche of Japanese game design: A shooter with survival-horror tropes. Here, blow away a ton of enemies. But also, you don’t get any ammo or anything to do it with. 

Alice Lynton: Inversion

The worst game I personally played this year was Inversion. I really had high hopes for this one. “At last,” I burbled happily to myself. “Saber Interactive can give up doing licensed titles and jobbing for 343 Industries, and make a real shooter. Their early games showed such promise, and now with experience under their belts, surely their time has come! Plus, you can piss about with gravity which is just about my favourite thing.” But you know what? No.

Matt ‘El_Funko’ Long: Assassin’s Creed III

I hope the developer who had the idea to begin a sandbox game with four hours of linear tutorial levels has been taken out to a forest and shot with a musket. Playing the opening chapters of Assassin’s Creed III is like having to choke down a bucket of sand before getting to the delicious open-world steak and naval-combat potatoes in the rest of the game.

Brendan Keogh: Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed III proved one thing: that the Assassin’s Creed franchise is unsalvageable, irreversibly broken, and weighed down by its own bloat. What Ubisoft want the franchise to be is something the base mechanics were never meant to support. As each new game in the series has added new bits and pieces, the series has become a Frankensteinian monster of random, disconnected limbs stitched together around a soulless centre.

Sure, Assassin’s Creed III’s bits are nice: Connor’s animations are staggering; the boat battles are breathless; the twist at the end of the first act is inspired. But there’s no heart. There’s no voice. There’s no direction. For every great element, there are a dozen absolutely terrible missions (like running back and forward between groups of rebels telling them to fire their rifles because they couldn’t possibly fire them themselves). Assassin’s Creed has mutated and bloated into a beast that can’t support its own weight, and I think it is about time Ubisoft took it out behind the shed.

Jess Colwill: No Comment

I can’t think of a really bad game I played this year! There have been lots of games that I just wasn’t interested in, and I’m sure there are some real stinkers among them. But I really can’t think of a single game I’ve actually played where I’d say, “That was just terrible!” Maybe I’m too nice?

Tim Colwill: Binary Domain

Binary Domain sounds like an interesting premise, and certainly there’s a fairly compelling ‘what-does-it-mean-to-be-human’ story sitting like a metal skeleton underneath all the layers and layers of truly awful artificial skin. But between the boring characters, atrocious PC support, awful and inexplicably unexplained default keybindings, disgustingly incompetent AI, flat-out-broken voice control and hideous dialogue, you might not notice this. Because you’ll be too busy bleeding from your face and demanding your money back.

Just thinking about it makes me mad. Who thought voice commands to make your AI friends revive you was a good idea? Or a ‘trust’ system for your squadmates, when they constantly run into your line of fire and get angry at you for shooting them? Hnngh.

What’s your worst game of the year? Let us know below!

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Yeah how could you not call warz worst game

Even tho its sorta still alpha/ beta but its out i guess and taking money

Huge shitstorm over it , i’ve not seen that kinda reaction to a game in many many years


I loved the AC franchise and I am soooo very happy at least a couple of sites like GON saw how shit 3 was, I know it would be great to see AC take a much needed 3+ year break to rethink its plans but that wont happen… sadly..


High five Toby McCasker. Classic Resi Evil was the best, this “CoD” generation of “Gears Of resident Evil” third person shooter crap is an absolute joke. I’m glad to say I didn’t waste my money on number 6, 20 mins of the Demo was enough for me to handle.

Capcom are currently running some sort of survey as to what remakes or ports to current platforms/steam we would be interested in, I certainly gave them a piece of my mind :D


The points mentioned by Matt Long about the introductory tutorials is a big problem in some games especially console designed games. I dont like why they assume that even xbox players (for example) would need to sit through a tutorial on how to press X, Y and Z.


Resident evil 6 for me…..disgusted by it


This is a tough one. I have yet to buy one single game this year that I didn’t somewhat enjoy.

I would have to vote Resident Evil – Operation Raccoon City (PC). I don’t mind the game too much but the controls (particularly mouse aiming) were absolutely horrible on PC, among other problems.

RE6 must be pretty atrocious if you voted that worse than ORC (or maybe just didnt play ORC).


It’s a shame I’m seeing RE6 hate. I’ve been looking forward to playing it. I wasn’t a big fan of RE:ORC.


Far Cry 3 for me.

It’s just so…. generic.


all staff pick are for sure up with the worst but i personally have to give it to XCOM. Even now the game is still a buggy mess and it suffers from many design issues, such as the ability to see and shoot enemy’s though walls, Only being able to respond to one alien attack etc.


AC3 wasn’t the worst per se, but certainly the most disappointing. I had high hopes after the change in protagonist and setting, but the developers ruined it with an average story and awful gameplay/missions.


id agree with binary domain. just absolute rubbish. it was just an unplayable mess, the voice communication thing had me screaming at my mic for my player to rush forward to progress the game, and due to my weird accent it just wouldnt register the command. so i quit and deleted. worst money i ever spent on a game. however i guess the actual game wasnt THAT bad without the voice crap, generic GoW clone though, through and through. just like innversion, but that was more fun.


how could it not be war Z. once steam had to issue refunds thats pretty clear cut.

that and CORTEX COMMAND on steam. another buggy half finished mess.



Really? This was up there as a potential game of the year for me.


Planetside 2… Even if you are playing for free, it’s terribad! I hang my head in shame for paying $40!



TBH, that is true. It is pritty dam gernic. BUT there are a few things that re-deem it.

1. Co-Op. Me and a few mates played it. 1 of us was in the US, the other 2 in Aus. NO LAG to anyone. Also, the actual missions are pretty dam good as well. XD

2. The cover system. I think FC3 has actually come up with THE best and, really, the ONLY way to do FPS cover.

3. The AI. I am playing it on hard, and the AI are very… well… hard to judge what they will do in combat.

4. The protagonist and co. Ok, so, most people thing that Jason and his friends are shallow dicks. Well, you would be right there. But that’s kinda the point, is it not? Jason is a guy who has really never done anything like this before. Jason is a shallow person. He is MEANT to be. As are his friends. Yes, it can be anyying, but I think the real reson people are anyoied is cos they see them self a bit in some of the people in the game. That, or they just hate shalow people.

As for my ‘worst game’ of the year, I am going to say Hitman… Tho, I think for me, it is more I got court up in the hype more than anything, and was disappointed when I actually stared playing the game.


Hang on… really AC3 was the WORST game of the year for a few of you? like really king crap of this year? okay what confuses me is that both Matt and Brenden said nice things about AC3 yet they pick it for worst game of the year? Really? did they think they where writing for a different list?

I’m guessing these two didn’t play many other games this year?
Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor?
How about those two TERRIBLE Game of Thrones video games, Surely AC3 was more fun to play than those piles of shit.
Fable: The Journey?

I can understand that it was perhaps disappointing but this is a “Worst game of all year” list not most disappointing :|


Planetside 2… Even if you are playing for free, it’s terribad! I hang my head in shame for paying $40!

i LOVE planetside 2. already had some truly amazing battles…



TBH, that is true. It is pritty dam gernic. BUT there are a few things that re-deem it.

3. The AI. I am playing it on hard, and the AI are very… well… hard to judge what they will do in combat.

Far cry 3 is still too easy on Hard especially with all the HUD additions although the latest patch has added options (apparently) to turn these off that will make Hard alot more challenging.

I cannot recall playing any games that I would consider the worst of the year contenders but the Game of thrones RPG game looked like it would be nominated to win.


muscularteeth: i LOVE planetside 2.already had some truly amazing battles…

Me too!

Also, Medal of Crap Warcrap is super crap game of the year IMO.


Dishonored – really bad
Medal of Honor: Warfighter – really bad

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