Far Cry 3 patch will let you switch off user interface clutter


By on December 8, 2012 at 11:12 am

Far Cry 3 is a lot of fun, but for those of us who like to get off the beaten track and fool around with the game’s systems, as opposed to following Jason Brody through his A-to-B journey into full blown psychopathy, the constant nagging popups to Go meet Dr Earnhardt et cetera can get a little wearing. Throw in a not-so-minimap packed with objectives, a couple of on-screen indicators, and a default FOV that has you staring at your gun, and you could play the whole game without ever clapping eyes on Ubisoft Montreal’s luscious scenery.

The modding scene has already produced a remedy to this visual clustertruck, but without official mod tool support, it’s not an ideal solution, as it strips out certain vital in-mission prompts. Happily, an official patch is on the way which should let everyone play pick and mix with Far Cry 3′s various UI horrors.

“Based on feedback from both press and fans, the Far Cry 3 production team is working on a patch that will allow you to toggle most HUD/UI elements based on player preference,” Ubisoft Montreal told Kotaku.

“The patch will also avoid issues encountered in the .dll hack that might create a mission walkthrough break (missing QTE prompts, critical information, etc).”

Good news indeed, and great to see Ubisoft willing to take criticism in such a positive manner.

Source: Kotaku

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*madly clicks on thumbnail*


*madly clicks on thumbnail*

haha why even tease us with a thumbnail we can’t enlarge


Oh god yes…


good to see ubi taking notice of the 23+ page thread on thier forums that has ripped open the dunia engine and delivered some interesting mods. Probably what got them moving is when folks discovered that you can unlock preinstalled DLC that you haven’t paid for, lol.


Probably what got them moving is when folks discovered that you can unlock preinstalled DLC that you haven’t paid for, lol.

And that is why I hate DLC it makes devs lock down the games engines more.

After recently starting another play through of Deus Ex Human Revolution was glad to remmeber that you can turn Objective markers off. Objective markers ruin my experience as they tell me exactly where to go without me having to think for myself. So if this Far Cry UI change removes that or in fact most of the UI that to me feels “cheating” then I may get Far cry 3 sometime.


As im sure most r aware here, u can already do this with a quick n simple edit of a .dll file. I know i did, makes the game look that much better.

I removed it for a slow Motion vid i made;




You did not read the words on this at all did you? Cos if you did, he mentioned that, and why the patch is better than a DLL hack.



You did not read the words on this at all did you? Cos if you did, he mentioned that, and why the patch is better than a DLL hack.

I did read it actually.
“As im sure most r aware here”
Then i went on to say “makes the game look that much better.”
Then i posted a video i made without the HUD, showing how nice it looks without.


I just wanted to show ppl what it looks like without the HUD :)
Seeing how thats what the topic is.


I will need this one day, when there is something to unlock all the skills at the start. ATM I need my constant reminders to do the story as I have 6 skillpoints I can’t even spend yet. :/


i didnt notice the fov being too terrible without the patch? will scale it up next time i play though.


Hope they allow the toggling of some of these items on console version too (hud related stuff mainly)


My mouse in menus vs mouse in game is completely off throws me playing this game and the menu’s are are ridiculous :/


game is kinda easy.. get a crossbow, silence your sniper rifle and m14.. smash an out post heaps easy



Yeah, it is a bit like that. Especially with the white arrows effectively telling you exactly when any enemy has line of sight to shoot you.

Plus the way taking a radio tower over clears out such a large area for you to safely explore makes me almost miss the constant respawns from FC2.

Hell, I can even fly the gliders perfectly without needing to do anything except point in the direction i want to go, then kick back and relax. I used to enjoy trying to get as far as I could with them, but now it always takes me further than I need to go.

Bane Williams

Oh god yes, I need this now. The constant objective markers is the worst part of the game – I actually LIKE that people tell me ‘go west to blah’ ‘go north east to blah’ – let me explore and find it myself dammit! I’ll check the map if I am really really lost.

I downloaded a mod for Skyrim specifically to do this, so I could get absolutely lost in the wilderness and enjoy the immersion.

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