DUST 514 Previewed: More like EVE Online than you’d think

Dust 514

By on December 4, 2012 at 11:11 am

Although derided by the PC master race for being a console exclusive, the resemblance that DUST 514 has to its elder brother EVE Online is staggering. From the way the game starts, its music, its menu system, even the way you outfit your soldiers — all of it has that traditional EVE feeling. This is on purpose of course, considering that both games are planned to seamlessly partner with each other, a feat never successfully achieved in the history of gaming.

This innovation of DUST 514 is also one of its most defining features. People in DUST can interact with people in EVE, and vice versa. Currently it is limited to people on the ground in DUST calling orbital bombardments (and EVE players obliging), but there is also going to be ways for players on the ground to return fire on those hitting them from orbit, and corporations being able to host both DUST and EVE players for proper coordinated attacks, political intrigue, and more.

Of course, what benefit is there to people in EVE putting their ships potentially in harm’s way to help out a ground force on a planet? While not much is known at the moment, developers at CCP have hinted at a planetary upgrade setup, not dissimilar to the system upgrades currently in place. There is also the potential for planets to send goods up to a small interstellar station, but CCP are waiting to see how the economy balances itself before adding things like manufacturing to the game.

That DUST 514 is a balanced game, while working with EVE Online is considerably impressive. While there are several thousands of distinct ways to outfit any given class, the simple ‘scissors, paper, rock’ of what weapon class should beat others remains a constant. For instance if vehicles are being successfully pinned down and destroyed by a Forge Gun-wielding Heavy, a Sniper or two will make short work of them, allowing the vehicles to travel unmolested. Every weapon class has its own strengths and weaknesses.

This balance extends to every aspect of the game, allowing each individual aspect to shine and stand tall in its own right. The map design is a practically flawless example, with objectives, cover, and important buildings feeling both natural and logically built. Nothing truly seems arbitrary, from the placement of turrets to the setup of hills and surrounding environment.

Unique weaponry is another thing that DUST 514 excels at. While the multi missile launching Swarm Launcher and the ‘charge to destroy’ Forge Gun are the most immediately noticeable, even standard FPS weapons like the Assault Rifle look, feel and handle distinctly different from any other game. It’s not just the weapon types that are distinct though, with individual weapons within that type handling with a lot of variety.

Add to all this the fact that each individual Dropsuit has ways of customising it. From extra shields, more armour, lower signature radius and more… it’s very possible to find a different setup for every person you fight against in the world. It’s not simply that people will have different weapon loadouts, but different skills learnt, different modules fitted and different equipment added.

Finally there is the vehicle selection. While there are your standard Light and Heavy vehicles for both ground and air, the sheer customisability of them is as staggering as ships in EVE or Dropsuits themselves. This creates an interesting setup where the people on the ground might not be able to tell what type of vehicle is coming their way outside of its basic type… is that dropship going to drop troops, scout, or be a mobile weapons platform? All of this works to create tension in a match as well as variety.

In the future we will likely see the addition of both MTAC’s and Fighters to DUST 514. MTAC’s are combat mechs, and will potentially be capable of scaling buildings, engaging vehicles and generally just looking (and being) badass. Fighters seem fairly straightforward, but there is always room for CCP to surprise. Dropsuits and vehicles with cloaking functionality have also been hinted at, but how they will work are still very much unknown.

While it is easy to dismiss DUST 514 at a glance as a generic MMOFPS, it is an incredibly precise, balanced experience that no other MMOFPS has even managed to get close to. As the game gets closer and closer to launch, more refinement and greater variety will be introduced. More and more will also be revealed about EVE interactivity, and how it will change the EVE universe.

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I think what people are also forgetting is that the player base will be the same, as there all on the same server. Ala, a DUST 514 player can not have the same name as an EVE player. This also means that DUST players and EVE players can be in the SAME corp (guild) and corps can have there own army to take down shit, or hirer DUST only corps as there fighting force to take planets from other corps.

EVE has always been a massive scale, but this expands that to insanity…


DUST 514 is a good alternative to Planetside 2 for those on PS3 only who want that MMOFPS experience, while I did enjoy playing the DUST 514 beta despite its bugs and all Planetside 2 is still far superior.



As a bitter EVE vet I must admit I was hoping DUST would fit in the currently limited game time available. But after playing Planetside 2 now I think I will just tuck the PS3 away. Why play DUST when I can have almost everything CCP have but on offer but on PC where it all belongs?



Sorry, what? DUST and PS2 are VERY different. DUST game play, as in actual battles, are more like BF3 than PS2. And, having played a good amount of both, I think saying one is better than the other is kinda dumb for ANYONE to say, unless its a direct sequel.

Bane Williams


I really didnt think it was fair to mention the Battlefield franchise in my article, but I too get a little bit of a Battlefield feel playing this.

Also, I (stupidly) am yet to play PS2. I did play the first however, and I truly was not a fan.

On the topic of bugs, most are gone from the early Beta’s and it is now at the smooth sailing stage of the game, which means to say I am enjoying it immensely.


ive played EVE and DUST sounds like a great idea. however i think planetside 2 is probably going to steal its thunder.


Is this game meant to be free to play? I thought it was but I think the PS3 store has it listed for $30.


I really think they should bring it to PC, if just to give it a longer life expectancy than this gen of consoles.
But if I must, I’ll gear down with my Sixaxis and get to work.
Might even inspire me to re-open my EVE account.


exe3, the game is FTP. No costs involved unless you go ahead using AUR (The real money to virtual Money currency).

Also, in relation to the MTAC mentioned, i was fairly sure that the standard MTAC which is shown in the concept/fanart style image above is more of a heavy lifting working mech, the one you featured i believe is piloted by Tibus Heath (Reference: EVE: The Empyrean Age [book]).

I could be wrong on that though,



Is this game meant to be free to play? I thought it was but I think the PS3 store has it listed for $30.

The game is F2P. What your seeing is Micro Tran Currency (MTC) for sale.


Cool. Cool cool cool.


DUST 514 is a good alternative to Planetside 2 for those on PS3 only who want that MMOFPS experience, while I did enjoy playing the DUST 514 beta despite its bugs and all Planetside 2 is still far superior.

Couldn’t disagree more. DUST blows Planetside 2 completely Out of the water.

Bane Williams


I missed this.

The purchase on there is simply for guaranteed access to the beta, and also gives you a few extra things for supporting the game pre-launch.

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