Company of Heroes 2 looks stunning in DirectX 11: check out these screens

Company of Heroes 2

By on December 21, 2012 at 3:30 am

THQ have hooked us up with screenshots showing Company of Heroes 2 running in beautiful DirectX 11 at full 1920 x 1080, and naturally we thought you should see them as well. Check out the screens below and enjoy the detail — the crisp shadowing and delightful explosions in particular are worth examining. Click to embiggen, naturally.

For more Company of Heroes 2, why not check out our recent hands-on with the multiplayer?

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I love your dedication!, a post at 3:30AM! =D gave me somthing to read/look at during my sleepless morning good job! thank you =]


Looks like they’re overdoing the smoke to me.


Dear lord they put Maus’s in. Like that Solo KV in the backwould would be able to stop 2 friggen Maus’s. ..


Maus? I see two elephants and a Panther


First pic is 2 Ferdinands and a Panther with a KV-1 in the background.
Also 2nd pic with silly Tiger and Panther showing their side/rear armour to the KVs.

I wonder if the Ferdinands are pretty much damage immune frontally to just about everything.


Dear lord they put Maus’s in. Like that Solo KV in the backwould would be able to stop 2 friggen Maus’s. ..

Don’t stress, they’re actually a type of tank called the Elefant.

They packed an 88m Pak 43/41 anti tank gun. All about the tank destroying!


Oh I’m way too slow. Oops


my 560ti OC should be able to handle this?? i hope… :)


A lot of what looks good in those stills really needs to be seen in motion in my opinion. While RTSes have never really been my thing I’d like to see a video of some CoH 2 game-play.


Dear lord they put Maus’s in. Like that Solo KV in the backwould would be able to stop 2 friggen Maus’s. ..

Clearly Elephant/Ferdinand.


Looks like they’re overdoing the smoke to me.

no, thats just how it goes, do you know much gun powder is in a tank shell!? lol ofcourse a lot of smoke will come out.

Looks great, the first one looked as good when it was released. The level of detail is incredible



Yea, i do. I’ve seen loads of old ww2 tank doco’s never that much smoke.


It looks ok.
Though really only very marginally better then Men of War: Assault squad and its been out for years.


Looks Amazing!

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