Capcom releases free ‘Street Fighter X Mega Man’ game, download it here

Street Fighter X Mega Man

By on December 18, 2012 at 8:25 pm

To celebrate Mega Man’s 25th anniversary, Capcom have release a free 2D sidescrolling 8-bit beat ‘em up where Mega Man runs around taking on eight of Street Fighter‘s most iconic characters across eight stages.

The game was originally a fan-made project by Seow Zong Hui from Singapore, before Capcom gave it their official blessing — and coincides nicely with the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter as well.

If you’d like to play it for yourself — and why not, it’s free! — head on over to our file library today.

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L is jump, you’re welcome.


Controls are listed in the readme


Standard keyboard layout
(gamepad is recognized if plugged-in before running the game)

I-weaponchange (right)
O-weaponchange2 (left)
ESC-quit game

During Pause Menu
F1-switch device
F2-configure controls
F3-default Controls
F4-toggle window sizes

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