And Total War: Rome II’s first playable faction is… Rome!

Total War: Rome II

By on December 7, 2012 at 12:38 pm

I know, right? Here I was expecting Zerg. Nevertheless, Creative Assembly have begun to detail the factions that will be available for play in their upcoming sequel, and the first one is, of course, Rome.

The Factions area of the Total War wiki now has a page dedicated to the Romans, which describes them as organised, disciplined, and governed by strict tactical doctrine.

“Well-drilled, well-equipped heavy infantry form the backbone of the army. The young, lightly armoured hastati man the frontlines. Behind them stand the more skilled, chainmail-clad principes. The oldest and most experienced warriors – the bronze-armoured triarii – hold the rear. These monolithic formations are supported by the Roman cavalry, or equites.”

Mechanically speaking, Roman players can expect to benefit from Rome’s excellence in metalwork, enjoy “enhanced military development”, and the ability to “exploit the masses to maintain public order”.

“Furthermore, the player will choose to conduct the affairs of Rome as the head of one of three great Roman houses: The Julia, The Cornelia, and the Junia, each of which bring further economic, military and cultural benefits.”

Source: SEGA Blog

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Excellent, Cannot wait to take over the world as Rome truly intended.


It is likely if not certainly going to be hosted by Steam like with Empire Total War and Shogun.

I truly, deeply despise steam.

Rome Total War (the original) runs fine without that ghastly third party software, even the multiplayer is smooth. I still play it today and I love it.

I probably wont buy Rome II because of this, having to run Origin to play Battlefield 3 is bad enough and I found the Steam UI terrible when I dealt with the experience of playing Empire total War. Never again.


To the credit of Creative Assembly and as said in the Rome v Carthage battle walk through, apparently they have a budget 40% larger than any previous TW title. The release is also said to be in the second half of next year, leaving a decent amount of time to polish this up. For anyone worrying about their PC handling the game the host of the video walk through also said they are doing their best to make Rome II playable on the same minimum required specs as Shogun.

I highly advise you guys to suss this video out of the first gameplay walkthrough.


Don’t worry, Total War runs fine without “Ghastly Third Party Software”, it uses Steam =D


Vencha you’re allowed to like steam, that’s cool.

I’ll simply end this argument with this.

Gamer ‘A’ lets call him or her A. Buys Rome II, walks home, opens the box, installs the game and gets a checkbox. The checkbox reads “Would you like to download Steam Yes or NO”

Now in a perfect world it would say something like “Steam will not be required to run your game online but it will offer you a whole pile of crap you don’t need but you can have it for free because we hope you give us your credit card and you’ll buy all your future titles from us because we want to dominate the world. We will also be scanning your files periodically or whenever you let your guard down. We will also sell your private information to other terrible third party companies and profit off your lack of care to protect your own rights.”

Gamer A looks at this and thinks… this must be a trick question and selects “No.”

What would you select I wonder?


LOL Think you have had a little too much willy weed sasoldier :-)


You’ll end this “argument” with you posting a made up story that ignore any benefits that players and developers get from Steam, whilst also linking it to world domination and then pose a “So which would you choose if you don’t hate FREEDOM AND APPLE PIE” question?




Exactly, while there are elements of steam that I too dislike, there are benefits from having it as well. In my mind it is worth any hassle it may include :)


I am extremely disappointed to hear this. Playing as Rome was overdone in Total War: Rome already, and it looks like they haven’t learned their lesson and are doing it all over again. I mean, seriously, 3 Roman armies that are all basically identical? Where’s the sense in that? It seems to me like they just want to add the extra two for the sake of saying that they have more armies in the game, when really they’re just copy-pasted from the original with a colour scheme change. In my opinion, they should scrap Rome entirely as a faction in this version and put something more interesting in its place. Rome is boring, it is overdone, and they’re silly anyway. Perhaps England should be put in place of them. Their longbows should act as a great counterbalance to Egypts already overpowered chariots. The other two slots from the pointless extra Roman factions can be filled with, I dunno, Brittain and the UK or something.



The English longbow was used more than a thousand years later than this game is set…



Trolled. Hahaha.



I’m hoping that’s the case ;)

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