Who would you pick to direct Half-Life: The Film? Here’s what Valve thinks

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By on November 29, 2012 at 4:13 pm

If you’ve ever thought about a Half-Life film-adaptation, well, join the club really. I think everybody’s thought about it at some point or another. But Valve and Gabe Newell have pretty steadfastly said that it’s not going to happen. And if it is, they’re going to make it themselves. As a thought-exercise though, Marc Laidlaw, the writer for the Half-Life games, was asked who he would pick to direct if a film was being made.

“If Paul Verhoeven returned to science fiction films, he would do something insane with Half-Life… maybe something objectionably insane, but at least not boring,” said Laidlaw. “Peter Jackson has proved himself an amazing purveyor of faithful adaptations.”

“Guillermo del Toro has the horror vibe that I think a lot of people miss out on when thinking about a Half-Life movie. Half-Life is essentially horror after all. The science in it barely passes as hand-waving, but when a headcrab jumps at your head, it’s a precisely engineered jolt. There are probably a lot of good potential directors, but I think most of them are busy pursuing their own visions.”

What do you think of these directors? Could they make a film you’d enjoy? Personally, I think they’re all good choices. Though I’m not sure I’d called Jackson a “purveyor of faithful adaptations” exactly. The Hobbit is now three movies like the entirety of The Lord of the Rings. Amazing films, but still. And I’m not sure del Toro’s style would suit Half-Life, though Valve obviously feel otherwise. Who else would you pick? Let us know in the comments.

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I think Uwe Boll would do a fantastic job.


My first thought was of Neil Blomkamp. District 9 has a really similar vibe to the Half-Life games.


michael bay, all the way


Just a side note, there’s a picture accompanying this article with Hugh Laurie’s head on Gordon Freeman’s body. I fucking love Hugh Laurie and believe him to be a superb actor but I would not choose him to play Gordon Freeman for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into.

I think Uwe Boll would do a fantastic job.

Oh, you!


del Toro would be awesome. Monster designs would be creepy and not much CGI!


Love the Hugh Laurie thing, but wouldn’t Walt from Breaking Bad be ideal as Gordon Freeman?


Any old director will do, but as Gordon Freeman……

Steven Seagal.

*Queue 40 minutes of Freeman breaking forearms throughout Black Mesa, followed by a 25 minute scene where Freeman sticks incense sticks in his body and mediates on an alien landscape before the 30 minute grand finale of lots of things blowing up and some further forearm breaking*

$$$$ and you know it.


Paul Verhoeven would have an awesome time showing the Headcrab zombies, what they do to their victims and then their eventual demise by crowbar. And think of the fun he could have with a Barnacle consuming it’s lunch! I think out of the 3 of them, I would go with Verhoeven. Jackson could do it too probably.

I would be hard pulling off a film adaptation with a main character that has never spoken a single line – imagine if that kept that in there, it could be quite interesting.

Man, thinking about this makes me miss the Half Life universe…wait a second… 3 directors… Jackson’s split the hobbit into 3…Verhoeven has 3 ‘e’s in his name… del Toro has 3 balls!!!! OMG HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!


I agree with Ausjoker, Neil Blomkamp did an awesome job with District 9. As for Gordon, I think a no name actor would be best.


Alfonso Cuaron.


I agree with Ausjoker, Neil Blomkamp did an awesome job with District 9. As for Gordon, I think a no name actor would be best.

This guy. This guy knows.

Danny Boyle would do a fine job. Not a massive fan of the endings to 28 Days Later or Sunshine, but the first 80% of both films got the horror build up absolutely spot on.


Nolan baby, Nolan.



Great director… so so sad about the last batman though, what a terrible terrible ham fisted ending to a generally decent film.

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