Vote now for the games Double Fine will make in their Amnesia Fortnight

Double Fine

By on November 20, 2012 at 12:42 pm

For two weeks a year, Double Fine Games puts down whatever they’re working on, splits into multiple smaller teams, and works to quickly prototype up a variety of new, random projects.

Games like Costume Quest, Stacking and Middle Manager of Justice have all been spawned from these hectic two week periods, but now, Double Fine are offering you the chance to vote on what they create — and then get the finished product for yourself.

Head on over to the Humble Bundle Amnesia Fortnight Page where, by donating $1 or more to charity, you can get a vote to help choose which of the prototypes will make it. Double Fine will develop the top four ideas into game prototypes once the countdown ends in six days time.

Leading the pack at the moment are Spacebase DF-9 (“Build a space base where aliens can live and work, and watch interesting stories emerge from their simulated lives”), Hack n’ Slash (“A young elf uses her hacking skills to cheat her way through a classic action adventure”), The White Birch (“An ambient platform game in the style of Ico or Journey in which a young girl climbs a tower to escape a dark, hazardous forest”) and Autonomous (“Lost in a new-wave futuristic junk yard world, you must build self-directed automatons from found primitives to both explore and survive the hazardous environment”).

Still don’t understand? Here’s a video of Tim Schafer. It may or may not explain everything, but that’s part of his charm.

Source: Double Fine Humble Bundle

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This is awesome, great idea :D


They need to improve their website! Voted for the godzilla rampage game. I tried to avoid the psychonauts spinoffs, but I think this would be a better #4 than autonomous


I’ve only watched the main video so far, but I didn’t think many of the concepts seemed much like Psychonauts spinoffs?



They’re not really spin-offs as such but the Godzilla rampage reminds me of the lungfish level and the enter animals dreams and solve their problems seems like a pretty similar concept to psychonauts in general.


Does anyone else think that ‘The White Birch’ would be much more exciting game if the young girl left the safety of her ‘ivory tower’ to brave the hazardous forest?

Otherwise, none of these stories click with me…


Yeah, once I saw the dreams one I saw where you’re coming from, but I personally don’t think it’s an intentional homage.

Personally I’m not as keen on The White Birch as I am on some others. I guess it’s the similarity to Ico that’s got some people interested? The Knockover, Battle Bros and Bragging and Fighting all sound pretty interesting, but I’m not sure if their game mechanics would actually work out well. Battle Bros and Bragging sound like they’d be entertaining for a little while, at least :p

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