Video Review: F1 Race Stars (PC)

F1 Race Stars

By on November 21, 2012 at 4:03 pm

F1 Race Stars isn’t exactly what springs to mind when you think “Codemasters”, but they’ve released it nevertheless — a Mario Kart-esque racer that mixes the power-ups of the karting title with the handling of an F1 game. It works about as well as it sounds — as Alex Walker explains.

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Sharks would make the grand prix much more interesting….
I like these reviews, but could you maybe add some simple intro music or sfx for the first 5-10 sec, these videos make me think I have muted something when they start. Small gripe.


Agreed sfx to match the animation would be good, something like rocks breaking or whatever ;)

Good review, though Mariokart has been copied so much it seems Codies have lost the ability to have an original idea…


Good review, but man, the game sounds awful.


An F1 themed arcade kart racer…

Ridiculous in concept yet guaranteed to sell on F1′s brand recognition alone.


snazz I don’t think many die hard F1 series fans going going bonkers playing a cartoon racer :D


An F1 themed arcade kart racer…

Ridiculous in concept yet guaranteed to sell on F1′s brand recognition alone.

Doubtful, released only a couple days ago and not in Steams Top 100 list. The Orange Box is basically outselling it right now…. Yet another Classic Codies Fail


Nice video review… always good to have another option for vid reviews besides IGN, Gamespot and GameTrailers.

Hope you do one of the new Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed as a comparison. I quite like the first one and this sequel is suppose to be better.


snazz I don’t think many die hard F1 series fans going going bonkers playing a cartoon racer :D

Yeah but still enough will buy it just because it’s F1 related, some for their kids and so on.

That’s Steam though, not the mainstream console market.



That’s definitely something I’m interested in doing! I’d have bought it already if it was available on Steam, love my kart racers.


I’ll stick to Speed Freaks.


Was interested in this, but thankfully I watched this review. Oh and love the video reviews btw. :)

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