Think Skyrim is for babies? Try your hand at the Requiem Mod, if you’re tough enough


By on November 26, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Some vocal old-school RPG fans dismissed Skyrim on launch as being “for babies” and “too easy”, but while it’s easy to criticise, it’s more difficult to actually figure out where the problem lies and then try to fix it.

Well, that’s exactly what a user named Xarrian has done with The Requiem Mod for Skyrim, an old-school mod aimed at making the game exponentially harder, more terrifying and more reliant on player skill for progress.

Enemy levelling is now out, and all enemies are completely static. This means that enemies are now, generally, a lot harder for you to tangle with, and foes like dragons, giants and werewolves will maul you to death. Skill rates have been adjusted down so you gain points slower, new skills and perks added, and spells have been made much harder to use with huge mana costs. Combat has also been hugely overhauled, to the point where unarmoured foes will die in one good hit.

If this sounds like your sort of thing, head over to the official page and download it for yourself!

Source: Kotaku AU

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I might actually want to play more than %5 of the game now!


Yeah, this sounds excellent, seems to fix many of the gripes I had with it, can’t wait to check it out.


Wow. Not even all the way through the changes and I am super impressed. Going to have to give it a shot.


Awesome! I tried to make my own makeshift version of this with about a trillion other mods.


Interesting. Does it require Hearthfire? I also can’t find what happens to dragon spawn rates, I always found it too high in the vanilla game, and I imagine if that wasn’t changed it would get old quick if you can’t actually kill dragons as easily this time.


It mentioned it lowered dragon spawns.


Would be mad if the next game had a combat system akin to chivalry, at least on the highest difficulty setting.


Not sure if people even check comments on this fuckin’ new system, but if you are thinking about it – TRY THIS MOD. It makes things really interesting. I feel like I’m back in Morrowind struggling to stay alive at every corner.
1 hit by a spider even though you’re blocking? Sure, why not!

Took me far too long to finish the opening cave


If someone who has it installed would be so kind, is the potion system in any overhauled? I didn’t like being able to pause the game and chug down pots to full health mid fight (no self control…) so if these are modded I could prob get into this :)


Skill progression is slower? I finished the game (~150 hours) before i was anywhere near maxing out my character which left me a little disappointed. Enemies should be more difficult, totally, but skill progression should be faster, not slower.

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