The Second Great Razer Giveaway: Winners Announcement!

The Second Great Razer Giveaway (Featured)

By on November 12, 2012 at 6:51 pm

With 127 entries in our second great Razer giveaway, it was always going to be a tough call to pick only five of the best. Many themes pervaded our contest: audio spam, weapon switching, complex WoW macros, and even a few of you placing calls to the significant other (or significant mother) to help you out with refreshments.

But now, after hours of arduous elimination, we’re finally ready to reveal the winners.


RKazza’s macro reminds us of the value of using the right audio spam at the right time.

Dream macro setup:

1. ‘Still Alive’ Portal song for those times where it turns into a thrilling game of hide-and-seek. It happens more than not.

2. Obligatory obnoxious voice commands including but not limited to jokes about the opposing team’s lack of intelligence and theoretical weight of their mothers.

3. Recordings of a high pitched whine sound that can be emulated by twelve year olds on xbox live, and includes common phrases and words such as ‘!$@#’, ‘^@%!’, and ‘!$@#@ !@# #@$^!%@ !@#’.

With the addition of a Razer Naga Mouse and BlackWidow keyboard, these essential commands shall be summarily binded onto the plethora of buttons it provides, for swift provocations and general trolling of campers, spawn campers, and people-who-kill-me-again-and-again (aka pros), alike.


Common courtesy is all-too-lacking on multiplayer servers these days. B4RK’s gentle heart shows that sometimes technology should be used for the betterment of mankind.

I’d macro the “Thank You” communication for Battlefield 3. Everytime someone heals me, I end up wasting a precious half of a second thanking them. With this macro, I could show common courtesy without making myself an easy target!


Sometimes, the right audio spam at the right time is what a game needs. Sometimes, what’s needed is the wrong audio spam, at the wrong time. Kishimojin understands.

Favourite macro ever was one I set up for WoW. Playing as a mage, during a first boss of Blackwing Descent, Raid Leader calls out TIME WARP. Hit the key and all raid members proceed to have their eardrums assaulted by rocky horror Time Warp chorus on 400x volume over vent. Hilarity ensues. Needless to say first attempt was a wipe. Good times.


Of course saying the wrong thing can have its consequences. Kingsdragon’s favourite macros are designed to punish you for speaking out, like a tiny police-state run from the comfort of a keyboard (only not really).

I have three macro’s set up, one I hit and it records sound (M1) and the other I hit and it plays said recorded sound (M2). So if someone is saying ‘F**king zombies!* I record that (M1), then hit my own macro (M3) which says “Your mum… (M2) f**king zombies!” Endless hilarity!


Last but not last, Pulviriza reminds us that the simplest macros — and the simplest approach — are often the best.

When I play Pyro on TF2, if I’m holding down W, then the flamethrower’s on. It’s the only way to play.

Thanks to everybody who entered, and thanks to Razer for supplying the keyboards and mice to give away! Winners, look for a PM from us shortly to get your details. Thanks again everybody, and look out for our next competition very soon.

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Gratz all!


Grats winners!


gratz all and kish i remember that. i also remember it waking the wife up too lol


Congrats winners!


Nice work guys! :)


ah here we go :P congrats all!

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