The new Humble Bundle is here! Pay what you want for… big-name THQ games?

Humble THQ Bundle

By on November 30, 2012 at 11:25 am

THQ’s recent financial troubles aren’t a secret to anybody, but I didn’t realise we were at the point where buying their games was akin to giving away money to struggling indie developers. And yet, today, the internet is abuzz with the news of The Humble THQ Bundle, where you can get some of PC gaming’s biggest titles for basically nothing.

Check this: the bundle includes Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, Company of Heroes, and its expansions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor. If you pay $5.64 or more you’ll even unlock Saints Row the Third, one of the best and most stupidly fun games I’ve ever played. Oh, and you get all the soundtracks for free. Have you even heard the Saints Row soundtrack? That shiz is banging.

All the games redeem through Steam too, so there’s no need to download or install any wacky software — although, unlike previous Humble Bundles, there is no Linux or Mac support and, yes, Steam does mean DRM. This deal runs for the next 12 days, so get in before the average price goes up. Each of these games is worth at least $5 alone, and now you can get literally all of them for $5. I don’t understand, and I don’t care. Get in.

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Yup, first time I’ve adjusted the split to 100% devs (or THQ in this case) to try and help them out. Bought a couple to give away.


Same, I put a high percentage towards thq, and bought a couple to give away.


crazy, first time I’ve see this sort of sale.

Starting to feel bad i only paid $6.80 so I’ll buy a couple more for gifts.


Well. I owned all the games in the bundle, so bought multiple copies and gave them to friends of mine and happily gave THQ all the money, they need it to stay afloat I imagine. :)

Besides, people should get a taste of Company of Heroes before the second game launches!


That is an awesome bundle. Purchased for sure.


Purchased for $6 this morning, all to THQ.


Anyone else having trouble getting saints row 3 from Aussie content servers?



probably getting SMASSSHED right now. Such an awesome game.



yeah i guess, I’m in no hurry cause i got FC3 and PS2 to play. :)


There are a few people who are upset at HumbleBundle with this latest sale, for two reasons. One, Steam = a form of drm, something that HumbleBundle has always made a point of avoiding, and two, these games are all Windows only. That said, I am considering getting this bundle for Company of Heroes sake. And maybe Saints Row The Third, though I’m not sure on that count.


Good to see THQ looking outside the box to get their funds up, 90% going to them for sure from me. Awesome bundle!


I wouldn’t say they avoided drm, just you had both choices normally, download an installer from them with no drm or use the steam codes they give.

I actually probably wouldn’t have bought the 2 different packs i have if it weren’t for
them all having steam codes.
I am ocd like that, its gotta be all steam or all not steam.


To me the primary benefit of the Humble Bundle was that all the games were DRM-free and cross platform (particularly important for me – I don’t agree with the direction they’re taking Windows so having cross-platform software is essential, even with games). It’s been one of their main tenants of these bundles, but this bundle doesn’t have any of that. This is basically an experiment at a user-pays Steam bundle, coupled with some charity donations depending on the user.

From what I’ve read this is a particularly unusual bundle and that the next bundle will return to it’s DRM-free/cross platform status, which is good. This is also an unusual bundle in that they’ve made within a day more money than most bundles have in two weeks. Which I think goes to show that people don’t really care about DRM-free content. They just want cheap games.


I cannot imagine the Saint Row Soundtrack will contain any of the commercial music you heard in game…



The majority doesn’t care about DRM/No DRM/Indie/Donations/Whatever.
The majority wants great games for a rock bottom price.
I already owned all the games in this bundle but bought it anyway for someone else. Also knowing that the measly $6 was going to THQ to hopefully assist in some small way to keep them afloat was a good bonus.

Here’s hoping the profit from this sale helps them keep going and also makes them realize that they don’t need to charge $80+ for their games on Steam.



The only reason this bundle is happening is because THQ is bleeding, badly. If THQ was in a healthier state I guarantee you this bundle wouldn’t have happened. You can’t sell several AAA titles for potentially as cheap as $1 and expect that to be a satisfactory business model. It’s unsustainable, BUT it makes sense in this case as THQ needs all the help they can get. I doubt it’ll save them in the end though.

As for DRM – you’re right. Most people don’t care. But if such time that something causes them loss of their library, you can bet they will care. But by then it’ll be too late, because gamers don’t think long term. They just want games (naturally). I’m a bit… different. Games are great, but I’m not so addicted that I can’t have some principals as well.


I think THQ is in financial mess partly because they sell their AAA games below bargain bin prices. Hasbro Monopoly is the same price as Company of Heroes on Steam without any discounts.


Brilliant! Hopefully some of these games actually run on my computer. I don’t hold high hopes for Metro in that regard.

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