Star Wars: The Old Republic is free to play as of right now

Star Wars: The Old Republic

By on November 16, 2012 at 3:08 pm

We all knew it was coming, they announced the date and then, just like magic — here it is. Yes, Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone free-to-play as of right now, and to celebrate they’ve rolled out Game Update 1.5: ‘HK-51 Activated’.

The new Game Update, as you might have guessed, adds HK-51 to the list of available companions. HK-51 can be found on Belsavis in the wreckage of a derelict ship, but Belsavis also has a new ‘Section X’ where you can explore the prison world and help (or presumably, hinder as well) the Dread Masters’ servants as they search for a “powerful and ancient weapon”. How many powerful and ancient weapons can one universe have?

Also, there’s a new Nightmare Mode for Operation: Explosive Conflict, and teams who complete in this mode will earn the final pieces of the Dread Guard gear set — and a new mount that “will be sure to cause tank envy”. Is it a tank? Sources say: yeah, probably.

Anyway, what’s important is that the game is now free-to-play, finally! So hit up the official website and get in.

Source: Press Release

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I’d really love to give this a go, are there any plans to host the content here like you have with some of the previous Origin demos/betas?



Been playing it most of today. The servers are waaay more lively and active. The new Section X is really awesome and exciting. The journey for HK-51 is dark and fun (best done with friends, though!). All in all: so good.


Reinstalled the other night, noticed that everything SWTOR was down last night so I presumed that was the F2P prep going on.

Looking forward to enjoying the storylines! Didn’t really to take to it when I was paying a sub as I didn’t see a lot of value (particularly as GW2 was just around the corner). Hoping that with a bit more freedom I can soak up some characters over the coming months.

Mind you, I got to level 13 in GW2 and stopped so maybe not…


Already downloading.

Great game 1-50 but the operations are same stuff different title (I guess WoW is the only MMORPG to do endgame content well).

I imagine PS2 and SWTOR will both fill the hole that leaving WoW left (I had an addiction I admit; I never played more than 20 hours a week but I still felt like it was way too much).


@rapid101 – RIFT Does end game content very well (better then WoW imo) Having played both extensively at end-game (Top on server) for me, RIFT end game was better, I only stopped playing it for personal reasons.

I might check out SWTOR again one day.


I have to say if RIFT went F2P I would play the hell out of that, every MMO I’ve played since RIFT just makes me want to go back to it haha.

Will be downloading this tonight when my quote resets, can’t wait, loved going at my own pace for the storyline, and now I’m not bound by paid time :D.


EA has put into place some retarded F2P restrictions like not being able to sprint unless you pay money or not being able to use more than one Purple item or not being able to hide headgear (honestly who thought of charging for this?).


So i just logged in to check it out, apparently i need to pay to unlock the option to hide my fucking helmet. Also i bought the CE for this and subscribed for 3 months at release, was under the impression i was going to be given some of these Cartel coin thingies, but I have nothing..


if you purchased the CE you should have recieved 1000 cartel coins


if you purchased the CE you should have recieved 1000 cartel coins

I thought that too but i got nothing, meh.


if you purchased the CE you should have recieved 1000 cartel coins

I subscribed for a month and no CC’s for me, but hopefully I still have preferred status.


can we get the file posted on GON


can we get the file posted on GON

Hi! We do have the last weekend free trial client available:

A bit of patching and this *should* be good to go.


To get the coins you have to subscribe at least once before the 20th of December


Also try the game! Super high quality for a free game.


Some of the restrictions ….

200k credit cap
cann’t buy more inventory space
cannot trade with anyone
only allowed 2 quickslot bars



Yeah, it’s definitely great to play even with the restrictions. Treat it like a single player game when you’re leveling up and it’s actually not bad because of the voice acting and such.


Yeah, it’s definitely great to play even with the restrictions. Treat it like a single player game when you’re leveling up and it’s actually not bad because of the voice acting and such.

People did keep saying they wanted KotOR 3…


I love the star wars movies, but i would not even consider downloading this. It looks and sounds horrible and heard too many negative things about it…. Like nothing to do at the end game..


Shlaimon, it’s a great game, and it has the best story telling in any MMO. For a free game the quality is amazing, and the restrictions are completely liveable.

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