Sitrep: The Many Ways in Which Gaming Has Killed Fluffy Things

Far Cry 3 Leopard Attack

By on November 29, 2012 at 4:18 pm

Tim’s Far Cry 3 video review is cool. Tim Cool-will, surely. Can I get a raise? No? That is very fair. However, during the course of his cool video, Tim heinously slew a tiger, which upset a few people. Tigers are beautiful, endangered – possibly misunderstood – creatures IRL, and Coolwill just went on out there and executed one, even going so far as to bemusedly chase its shattered body as it slid down a steep island incline. Subsequently I too was filled with righteous resolve: We can’t let Far Cry 3 have all the fun of trolling PETA.

Battlefield 3’s Callous Murder of an Innocent Rat

Speaking of PETA, they did actually kick up a massive stink about this one particular scene in Battlefield 3 when it came out. Remember that? It’s early on in the single player, which no one played anyway. You’re creeping through some rubble and all of a sudden your hand is waylaid by a tenacious rat. To be fair, our man gives it a swatting chance to back off. Then he vivisects it like it was nothing.

Fallout: New Vegas’ Endless Bestial Harvest

It’s the end days and every remaining creature, horribly irradiated or not, is precious. Just look at those brahmin, they never hurt anyone. They’re just lazin’ and grazin’. No harm no foul – until YouTuber whitenightmare309 decided to go on a killing rampage that only includes animals which, in his opinion, “look (censored) and (censored)”. From what little I understand of America, he is possibly a Republican.

Postal 3 and the Wholesale Slaughter of Science Animals

Sure, one of your weapons is a domestic shorthair with a gun stuck up its ass, but one very special little level tasks you with murderising an entire lab full of furry experiments that have allegedly gone mad. It starts modestly with monkeys and cats getting the machete treatment. Then a gorgeous rhino must be dealt with by any means necessary. “I blame Christian metal,” indeed.

Skyrim’s Big Game… Immolating

In the absence of guns man must turn to his most embyronic of human offensive tools, that being either some form of hefty club or fire. In this case it’s fire, because there is absolutely nothing funnier [citation needed] than setting terrified herbivores alight and breathing in the sweet, hilarious fumes of their swiftly blackening hides. Canada, take note: Spare the rod and instead torch the baby seals. An award-winning sitcom will follow

Cabela’s Actual Big Game Hunting

Right, well. You don’t even have to ad-lib at all here seeing as these games are all about ruthlessly hunting the entire cast of The Jungle Book with high-powered telescopic rifles. It doesn’t get much worse than this. Here, watch. Some people get extremely excited playing this game. I like the bits where they scream in triumph as the last doe-eyed creature falls to an onslaught of .308 Winchester, which incidentally you can also stock up on from Cabela’s. PS. We are all doomed as a civilisation.

No, No, Wait: It Gets Worse

I lied to you. Here we have a man shooting Bambi between the eyes with a double-barrelled shotgun. Thumbs up, guy. You deserved it. Now return to base, there’s a sparrow with a broken wing that needs treading on. You’re a monster.

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This is an outrage!


I love messing with Peta, when I was fishing they came down docks one day an harrased us about getting sensitivity training…. for fish of all things. Skipper wouldn’t let us throw em in the water, so I gutted a fish right in front of em…. I swear one of em changed color instantly, other went off his face. I couldn’t stop laughing for an hour straight.

gotta love peta for shear comedic value


I just love that original story pic. ATTACK OF THE FLYING DEATH KITTY.

That being said, I’m playing Farcry 3 at the moment, and the first crocodile attack I went through made me jump through the damn roof.


My mate was playing AC3 a week or two back. He climbed to the very top of a tree, leaped gracefully from the tree, in slo-mo, blades drawn, in a dramatic pose, and dramatically assasinated…a tiny little bunny rabbit. I know I was outraged – ok I lie I was in hysterics, but later on I was…well ok I still think it was funny.


I know this article was sparked by the big arguement yesterday in Far Cry 3 review..
But damn I’ve killed numerous animals in games just for the hell of it..

I also had my girlfriend sit on my lap and control Skyrim with the mouse and told her if she pressed punch she’d pat the rabbit…two seconds later rabbit was dead…
She was not happy but was fun.

If Im expected to perform mass murder on 100s of NPC people in some games.
and even mass murder on 100s of innocent NPC people in open sandbox games why should NPC animals be any different.

Also funny story vcatkiller.


Poaching was the issue Catsith brought up NOT the killing of animals. I think you completely missed the bloody point there Toby.

Poachers gonna Poach.


This talk of animal killing in games reminds me of when the Australian government nearly banned GTA IV. Instead they edited it to have no prostitutes in the game because it had virtual sex which was just not on…..

.. but walking up to a old catholic preacher on the street and punching him till he falls to the ground and stomping on his head repeatedly watching blood ooze, then putting some shots in him to watch the crowd flee only to chase them down and execute them in a alley way, only to have the police arrive to blow their vehicles up with an RPG and flee running over several pedestrians along the way, then proceed to have a shootout with police and murder at least 400 humans, i finally jump off a bridge committing suicide… and then repeat most times i load the game up …

…this was acceptable and considered passable behavior to imitate but prostitutes were not.

What a strange world.


This talk of animal killing in games reminds me of when the Australian government nearly banned GTA IV.

No one at any point said anything about Censorship… so I have no idea where you got to this conclusion. They are completely unrelated.


oh wait.. I see someone brought up the old Fallout 2 arguement.. sigh..

well anyway no one called for the images to be removed. The act itself should be identified for what it is.


so I gutted a fish right in front of em…. I swear one of em changed color instantly, other went off his face. I couldn’t stop laughing for an hour straight.

Gotta be honest dude: of the two parties involved in this interaction, you were actually the biggest dick.



I mean, making a fuss about animals getting killed in a game when humans are getting massacred in strange.


You forgot World of Warcraft, which has many (quite long!) questlines devoted to killing as many animals as possible for no reason. It then goes on to send up PETA directly in Northrend with another huge questline.


I’m surprised an article like this came out of catsith simply saying that the depiction of tigers in the game, in his opinion, is tasteless. But don’t even think of dismissing the site staff’s crusade against the tasteless depiction of women in video games. Then again maybe if I do I’ll get my own follow up article too.


Wow, why isn’t the community soapbox being hammered with articles right now? Or perhaps it is?



I believe it is, but I also believe it needs sustainability, so they need to be made infrequently.

There is, of course, the alternative that the articles being sent in just aren’t up to scratch.


Oh, and in other news, kill all the animals in Farcry 3? YES, KILL ALL THE ANIMALS!

And why can I do that? Because I can, like an adult, differentiate games and real life. Honestly, the idea of killing a tiger is utterly repulsive to me. But the digital representation that has no effect on the real world whatsoever trying to bite my digital avatar’s face off? Whole different kettle of fish.



No it wasn’t. The point was brought up later on but it wasn’t what sparked the…’debate’.


I like the predator-vision in the big game hunting video.

Toby McCasker

Chill out, scalp a penguin

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