Rumour: Intel to stop manufacturing LGA CPUs, killing off enthusiast PCs

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By on November 27, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Tech site Semiaccurate is running a story which claims that Intel is set to cease manufacturing LGA CPUs in just over a year, with their upcoming Broadwell range rumoured to be not coming in a stand-alone, removable format. Future Intel CPUs are expected to be soldered directly into motherboards, and not sold as separate components for people who, like us, enjoy assembling our own PCs.

The news was broken by Japanese site PC watch (here’s a rough English translation), and Semiaccurate claims that hardware manufacturers such as ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and others were not told about the news until it broke through a third party. Semiaccurate claims that two OEMs “have now been briefed that Broadwell is BGA only”.

What does this mean? If you want a Broadwell CPU, you’ll more than likely have to buy it soldered into an Intel motherboard. If you don’t want an Intel motherboard, tough luck. The move is being seen as an attempt by Intel to use their market share to push further into sectors traditionally contested by other hardware manufacturers, and it’s one that — depending on how you feel about Intel boards — may or may not cause tears of rage. What do you think?

Source: Semiaccurate

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From the words of Francis….

“You sons of bitches…”


I call shenanigans on this one…
Does Intel really have the capacity and supply chains to take out all the other motherboard manufacturers and only sell the chips on their own boards?
This would almost certainly spell doom for an entire industry, i just don’t see it happening.


Oh well, back to AMD I guess.

Question: could this move be seen by the US FTC as an anti-competitive monopoly?

They pursued MS for less.


If it were true, I see AMD capitalising on this. Oh well, hopefully it is only rumour.


I remember this company called 3dfx that once tried to take over all their own manufacturing and it was an immense disaster.


Welcome back, AMD.


This information is only semi-accurate.

Seriously though, a sad day for PC enthusiasts should this come to fruition.


I call shenanigans on this one…
Does Intel really have the capacity and supply chains to take out all the other motherboard manufacturers and only sell the chips on their own boards?
This would almost certainly spell doom for an entire industry, i just don’t see it happening.

I don’t see any other enthusiast CPU manufacturer, do you?

If they pull this stunt, it means all the OEMS (Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI) will just have to branch out.

Also if they do this, AMD better make a damn swift comeback.


I’m not a terribly big fan of AMD chips, but if this turns out true then I Know I’ll be more than willing to forget Intel and start singing AMD praise.


I don’t see this coming in. This is most likely to simply be an error in translation (as with most stories that are sourced from non-English sites).


Soldered down? As in they’re not inbuilt into the motherboard but just attached in a way that you can’t take them off? I’m calling bs until I hear otherwise. Just sounds stupid if not utterly anti-competitive.


Surely they don’t want to handball AMD that much instant business?

I call bollocks.


If it were true, I see AMD capitalising on this. Oh well, hopefully it is only rumour.

They’d have to do a massive 180 on their current downscaling initiatives and even then there’s a reason AMD is no longer favored.


I’ll still get another upgrade from my Core i7 3930K to Ivy Bridge-E with any luck.

PC’s from vendors such as dell, HP etc’ are about 360 million units a year, for someone like Intel to turn their back on that is ludicrous.

That’s also not accounting for Home Built systems either, which company’s like Corsair have thrived on.

I reckon that the targeted low/mid-range models say like the socket 1155 platforms will probably end up with the CPU soldered onto the motherboard.
Enthusiast/High-end platforms like Socket 2011 will probably still get upgradeable processors due to the nature of who it’s targeted at. (Professionals and Enthusiasts.)

A large problem with the PC arena is that, even a 5+ year old system based on a heavily overclocked Core 2 Quad Q6600 and a decent graphics card can STILL handle pretty much *everything* you throw at it, there really isn’t much incentive to upgrade as often unless the machine dies an unexpected death.
What needs to be done is for the software to catch up to the hardware!


It is a miss translation

This is what some on xbitlabs translated it as
“This article says:

– Intel will not provide new products for Desktop and non-BGA laptop segments in Broadwell era
– Instead, they will provide higher clocked Haswell for those segments in 2014
– Broadwell is “more than tick”, and it will include some technologies that were previously planned for Skylake
– This is because Intel needs to be more competitive in the tablet market, and this may mean the end of Tick-Tock strategy
– It mentions nothing about Skylake and later or if they will be LGA or not for the desktop”


I’m also calling BS on this one. It won’t just affect gamers. It would mean that businesses and corporations also would lose an upgrade path for their server hardware. It just doesn’t make sense. Intel has very lucrative arrangements with companies like Gigabyte, ASUS etc. They don’t just provide the CPUs for those motherboards – they provide many of the components that go into those boards too. They provide the chips and components, and they leave it to these OEMs to do the international marketing, design etc.

I’m not up on the latest work coming out of Intel right now, but if this rumor is true and Broadwell is BGA only, I’d say they’re working on something else for LGA that hasn’t yet been announced.

Also – if you’re putting the boot into your biggest competitor, why would you all of a sudden turn around and remove yourself from one of the biggest segments of that market and effectively throw them a lifeline? It doesn’t make any sense.


I cant see this coming to fruition myself but I could be wrong.It would be monoplising the hardware market and would be considered anti competitive by accc and others world wide.If they did do it, well its off to amd for my next build.

Black Patriot

…and just like that gets a massive spike in traffic.

Not going to happen, there would be anti-trust inquiries within 10 minutes of such an announcement.


And next, on GON today tonight…..

What is the go with the increasing trend of alarmist factless articles on GON in the last year or so? Creating storms without even the teacup. It is getting beyond rediculous now.


Thank god Intel aren’t the only CPU manufacturers.

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