Mass Effect’s Omega DLC gets a launch trailer

Mass Effect 3

By on November 27, 2012 at 7:21 pm

I am currently replaying the Mass Effect series, and now being up to Mass Effect 3 again, I am very excited for the new DLC’s launch tomorrow. Omega is set to be badass. Okay, accusations of the hype train to a minimum — seriously, the Omega DLC will star everyone’s favourite hardass Asari, Aria T’loak, finally getting her biotic on and murdering some chumps with you. 10 points.

Also, it will feature the Mass Effect trilogy’s first ever female Turian. Which is pretty horrible, actually. We’ve seen the lady types of every other species out there. Lazy character modelling? It doesn’t matter. She’s here now, and she’s going to rule. 20 points.

Finally, it will star me, Femshep and my two sisters-in-murder taking back the anti-Citadel from the male oppressors, namely Cerberus. We will be like murderous Spice Girls, kicking ass, sassing about Grrl Pwwer and wearing outifts featuring the Union Jack. Ten billion points.

Here’s a trailer. Badass.

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That looks interesting, Mass Effect DLC’s are quite short generally though, makes it hard to justify the money for them. But I think I might buy it anyway, and the last single player DLC they released that I never got around to.


Playing ME3 for the first time ATM, so “taking back the anti-Citadel” sounds pretty spoilerific… hopefully not.

Also, I hate the one-button action system, zero graphics options and endless cutscenes so far. Stupid consoles.


I’d prefer if the DLC were more of a drawn out side quest.
Dawn Guard style multiple missions that go for quite a few hours.

Not just one mission long.



Seriously though, this looks like fun to me. One more game thingy to add to my currently horrific list of purchased games and thingys.


Lair of the Shadow Broker was awesome for Mass Effect 2, but even then I don’t think it costed close to $15.



It really was amazing, the DLC’s for Mass effect 2 were well done, but I’m not sure how well the mass effect 3 ones work in comparison.

Still looks pretty good though, maybe if they put all the DLC’s on sale I’d consider it, but origin….



Pretty sure Cerberus have control of Omega from the beginning of ME3, so it’s not much of a spoiler. “Anti-citadel” just refers to the fact that the citadel is the seat of political power while Omega has always been lawless. It’s not a reference to it being linked with the whole Reaper thing.

Yeah one button was a terrible idea (particularly for multi) but…. consoles have more than one button. It was a desgin choice, and a shitty one, you can’t blame the consoles for that.


Now THIS sounds cool.


GASP. Moving Elcor during a cutscene. You know what this means?

Soon, very soon, we’ll have some ‘Triumphant Battlecry – Raaaar.’ in multiplayer! They said animating them was the biggest problem!



don’t think Elcor would work well in online play… they not really suted to takeing cover…

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