Mass Effect’s designer reaches out for ideas, confirms “Mass Effect 4″


By on November 12, 2012 at 7:28 pm

I suppose we could have guessed from when Fabrice Condominas, the man with the amazing name, said that Mass Effect‘s next protagonist wouldn’t be ‘Shepard 2′, that they were on their way to making the next installment.

In any case, there has been confirmation that the next game in the series — what we’re tentatively calling Mass Effect 4 — is on the way, and that it’s in it’s very very early stages. Casey Hudson, the man behind the series, reached out for feedback on Twitter recently, asking what players would like to see in the next chapter — and at the same time confirming that they were in the early stages of the game’s design.

It’s a good question though. What would you like to see in the follow-up chapters of Mass Effect. Please keep “A better ending, LOL” comments to a minimum.

Source: VG247

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Actual choices and consequences. Unlike the illusion thereof seen in ME3.


A story about the origin of reapers would be cool or even any of the wars mentioned in Mass effect


Yeah Krogan wars would be pretty awesome, as well as the first contact war between the Turians and Humans would also be pretty intense.


The temptation to cut and paste that is unbearable.
Yeah, I’d like to see a bit of an RPG story back into it, rather than RPG Action title. And more biotic charge.


More Elcor, more Drell.

Less Turians. They’re about as much fun as Swiss German accountants. Although the “Gay for Garrus” shirt I saw on some guy the other day really made my 2012 worth living.

And since the MP aspect worked so (surprisingly) well, it’d be nice to see it integrated a little more closely with the SP experience… though still optional, of course. Some people just don’t like company.


Decent PC port first and foremost with decent textures and graphics.
Mass Effect 3 although nice lens flare effects had some incredibly horrible sky boxes and textures.

Also, Steam! :P


It would be wise to have a change of pace. Not a spectre, not commanding your own ship, that sort of thing. Something different would be my suggestion.


I dont care so long as i can play as a Quarian, with a geth companion in toe….


They need to buy the rights to something like the infinity project make a proper open ended RPGFPS in a battle against the reapers.
Step away from the linear story line since they are leaving the main character [and the writer from ME1/2] behind.
also make the main game multiplayer, not just a repetitive side-line part of the game.

Allow you to play as a spectre of any of the given council races [they already have much of the balance work done in the ME3 multiplayer classes.]


Mass Effect 4 will use the Frostbite engine


Less Liara. Will facepalm if the Asari’s long lives make her the main love interest again.


Get the ME1/2 writer to write it.

Stay away from the ME3 writer.

Make sure the story is actually consistent and also make sure you have answers to your mysteries before you write them unlike the Reapers where you clearly didn’t know why they wanted to destroy everyone when you started the series (the revelations that Saren wasn’t in command but actually his ship was amazing because you could actually properly build up to it and everything, creating a mystery and then figuring out the revelation later on rarely if ever works).

Buf the shooter AND RPG components. Mass Effect has since become an average shooter and a well below average RPG, this needs to be fixed.

Unworthy King

More Liara, less Kelly.

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